typhoid bye bye beach burn.
bad bacon boys!
Zoe the beach ... ahhhh! i love it. i stay practically my whole summer at my beach house. it's so nice. the sun and the water, just hinking about it makes me want to go to sleep. i feel withdrawl when i am more than twenty feet from the beach. 000718
grendel an eternity of blue mondays

tell me now,
how does it feel
god lemme take you to the beach 011121
god Lemme take you to the beach
Lemme take you to the beach

Bring the the weenies
I'll bring the soft drinks
And the cookies
Everybody's in love!

Lemme take you to a show
Lemme take you to a show
Eat a candy! You are dandy! Can I kiss you?
Maybe I'll just hold your hand-eeee!

Lemme take you to the beach again
Lemme take you to the beach again

At the freak out
Later we'll peak out
You're on restriction
So you'll probably sneak out!
god i've been through the beach on a horse with no name 011217
Kate My family went to Hilton Head over Spring Break and every morning and night I'd walk on the beach by myself and look at the stars or the sunrise and write peoples' names in the sand... if I was thinking about someone, I'd write their name far enough in the sand that it would take a good hour for the tide to rise to wash it. I'd always write "Tracee Austin Steve Kate" and then my other close friends and then people like God and Mr. Betchel and Julianne and Seymour from J.D. Salinger's stories. It was a beautiful week. 020422
Erin Driving
Driving so far
For our dreamlike destination
We expected to come across
Unloading the van
We dust off the sand
Not a care for miles and miles
Peach noses and sun stained hair
Are clearly seen on each of us
The balmy breeze leaves just enough moisture
For an entrancing palette bon fire
Stars puncture the slate black sky
warm waves glimmer and roll up to our toes
we sit around the fire
I peer around the circle
And see faces of my youth
All in the same state of mind
All bringing me different memories
Feeling this night will be added to the collection
As the sky turns to a rising orange array
We are faced to seize the melancholy day
We pack up the van
Forget to wipe off the sand
As smiles of perfect bliss fill our faces
Life is worthwhile
If you live it the fullest……
never turn back and keep on going……
Zed I went as far as loosing sleep,
I went as far as messing up my life,
Unloving Still, strike me different,
a million miles away from home and fifteen from a payphone,
Where we sat lonely on the sand,
you're ten years older,
We translate,
Japanese to English,
and English to Japanese.
It's not that simple,
This dictionary, never has the words,
for the way I'm feeling.
It's nothing plain for me,
of a different god and moral.
What if I laid my head down on your stomach?
Or put my mouth to your hand?
I cannot translate Japanese to English,
or English to Japanese.
And what I have to say is un-said,
and what I have to do is un-done,
and if it was done I'm sure it would have killed our hour.
Where we sat lonely on the sand,
above the water, the aweful grey,
our current from Japan,
Didn't sweep away.

(Anyone who can name the band who sung this song gets a medal - a big shiny gold medal.)
dude naked. 030216
capri my sanctuary.............. 030514
Mia I'm only a fan of the beach in theory.

In theory, it’s this lovely place to go and relaxhave a good time, catch some rays, take a dip.

In reality it’s usually an overly hot sandpit with screaming kids and loud music, and it smells like dead fish. Plus, I have a mild fear of the ocean.

I would like to sit on a virtual beach and listen to the sound-engineered waves.

Or better yet, I would like to take a trip to the real desert. That’s more my speed. :)
megan the basics of this girl... 031018
tinie The beach in Santa Cruz is what I miss most of all, when I think of my time in California...oh God. Emanuel and Franklin fighting over the football, Katie pretending to be a Pakistani, calling Horatio forever, Bettina just being the perfect beachbabe wearing MY bikini... Beer and burrito's, perfect waves... The best Chai tea on a victorian terras, checking out how badly sunburnt we actually are... Someday I'll be back, beware! 040109
t like some closed shell on a beach 040130
Erin my retreat from the rush of the world 040509
Jess Life's a ... 040513
maisoui sweet days of summer... I forget the rest 040924
badjonni the green
the blue
the yellow
the sand
the sea
the beach
no reason i wanted to do something outside, thinking along the lines of going for coffee
then he suggested the beach, and i got excited
then he called and said he was too tired
i still haven't been to the beach at night
and it's been months since i was there during the day
beach beach beach
hammamadamakaramith hammamadamakaramith 070601
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