Quintessensual It doesn't matter, in the grand scheme of things. Not a wit.

Unwillingness to compromise is self-defeating. Nothing but a prescription for frustration, pain, and ultimately disaster and defeat.

Plus, life is just one big fucking compromise between desire and reality.
Always striving for desire is fine and dandy. But you'll be compromising all along the way.

The sooner you get used to it, the sooner you might be able to lead the world to some different reality. But all I can do now is wish you the very best.
amy If you don't mind me saying so (and I can't be sure that you don't), that was rather dire... it sounds to me like compromising is like the drivetime. (yay) What if reality was the inspiration for all desire? Then, I think, life might be funner. Or maybe just more rewarding or something. 010111
miniver There is no grand scheme of things, at all. Anything matters just as much as...well...just as much as it matters, in fact. Free will mumbo jumbo, see.

But, I was thinking, after I posted that last one, that this is the key:

Every win really must begin with compromise. That's what picking terms is all about. I was getting sucked into the big, absurdly unarguable picture again, but really a person just has to arbitrarily cease the recession, at some point -- and say, "this will be this, and that will be that", and "absolute truth be damned (at least, for this argument)".

In any case, that's rather a clever little ditty, I think -- calculating a clever, clean compromise at the very beginning instead of being dragged into one at the end.

But, people don't really seem to be the term-picking type, 'round these parts. Perhaps I need only choose my arguments much more discriminately.
miniver Onions plus pi!

Man, Amy!

I was wondering when that li'l pun was going to get the attention it deserved!

Yeah. It all comes back...
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