pSyche look what the cat dragged in.
A drowned and mangy looking rodent of a boy, tongue-tied and full of half-worthless apologies. Short, thin, and as close to a breathing skeleton as I have ever seen. Why do you come creeping back to me, mouse boy? Why does your voice squeak, when I get too close too you? What is your burden, mouse boy, that I see you carrying every day, as I peer into your restless eyes?
gja I may have been that boy from time to time. 070729
spoken:) i dragged my feet shuffling to a fro
nervous, restless, want to go
i hesitate and linger still
i pause and wait against my will
i do not wish to leave your side
my feelings are quite hard to hide
i need to feel your presence dear
your thoughts and voice i need to hear
you are attaching to my soul
and merged together i am whole
i feel connected, tethered, bound
i need you and want you around
what's it to you?
who go