birdmad hang about

unhinged everthing lingers on my mind like the thick perfume of rotting flesh. just clinging to the very wrinkles. but such things have long past been dead. i don't need your forced misanthropic anything. today is a day that should have never come. and tomorrow will be equally as beautiful. 010128
sillylittlegirl i can still feel the touch of your hands on my flesh. it's almost like i carry a piece of you with me, now and forever. wherever i am, whatever i do, you will be there holding me, forever... 010309
Boymansonbowie when you left me around 4am, i couldn't help but smile about the fact that the scent of you still lingered on my skin. 020807
jackie "zo-ombie zo-ombie" mc cracken do ya have to
do ya have to let it?
*nat* the feel of his cold hand on my stomach lingered for hours after. 030119
once again Hmm, Hmm, I wanna linger,
Hmm, Hmm, a little longer,
Hmm, Hmm, a little longer here with you.

Hmm, Hmm, it's such a perfect night,
Hmm, Hmm, it doesn't seem quite right,
Hmm, Hmm, that this should be my last with you.

Hmm, Hmm, and as the years go by,
Hmm, Hmm, I'll think of you and sigh,
Hmm, Hmm, this is good night and not good bye.
CM Memories linger just
long enough for me
to miss you
Always right there
in front of me
Wishing you weren't
Wanting peace
Twilight *love* A lasting impression, a memory. still frame, lasting scents. Dont you miss it now? 040223
expand scents and sights, and warmth inside. that's all i remember of you. linger inside and see the soul of a girl who is so lost, she can't see herself anymore. linger to see what you've done to me. your love is what consumes 040223
acidshank i wish i could just linger with him alittle longer per day.atleast he was already there today. so excellent to show up there and see someone so special. :) almost like a dream. i also was in a new place with an old friend today. long time no hang out. still liking of course. a lot. second time this week. we said we would. so nice. so nice

Ubiquitous Flattery After reading these poems I am tempted to do some lingering myself! These excellent poems remind me how much fun *I* used to have, lingering. 061011
ff i sometimes wonder if certain moments in life are irreplaceable?
maybe left as a vivid memory, a stabbing pain you always want to feel again.

The fear of spoiling that memory is immense yet it seems to just linger as if... .. .... .
there is a possibility of more than just memories.. of vivid moments to live off.

That is for sure a long gone reality if it ever was one.
unhinged and even a linger fades
all those moments
nothing now

(so fucking melodramatic i was in my younger days *blushes*)
. you're not real anyway 090306
does it ease the pain? the sheets are clean and my clothes are washed
yet somehow I can still smell him, as though my nose was nuzzled neatly behind his ear, into his soft chestnut curls
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