Tess a bright new day, with sleep. 000105
my ears are bleeding why put off till tomorrow what you can put off all together? 000110
nameless You gonna wait til, fat boy,
Fat boy, wait until tomorrow

(by silverchair)
cliff go to the bank 000120
Christy is always shining on the horizon 000302
girl never really comes
after the day is over
that day becomes yesterday
and the new day becomes today
its never tomorrow, always today.

Annie says the sun will come out that day
kt I have to go to work again. I hate it when that happens 000330
dean-bean The day upon which I _promise_ to take life seriously. Honest. 000330
calliope She knew the world was a stallion rolling in the blue pasture of ether. She knew that God tore down the old world every evening and built a new one by sun-up. It was wonderful to see it take form with the sun and emerge from the gray dust of its making. The familiar people and things had failerd her so she hung over the gate and looked up the road towards a way off. 000414
anne e. the sun will go out, tomorrow... 001021
nnuxx Can be a beautifull day... 001209
ike willis oh annie, oh annie, oh ann-u-sol.... 001209
piercedjenny tomorrow is the reason i close my eyes tonight, remembering that crappy today was the tomorrow i wished for yesterday, and hoping that i'm not thinking the same thing again next i sleep. 010128
unhinged if i had tomorrow
in spite of yesterday
it would be a dream of truth
guarded in rain
telling you in soft mud
i love you
both sinking to the
place of understanding
sweet dream whispers
fall back to nothing
in our game of lies
star shine bright
tomorrow is just a mistake away
like rain. i'll try to sleep for as long as i can, so that i don't drive myself crazy waiting around for you to come over.

it's hell, waiting for you to pull in the driveway, wondering what your expression will tell me when you walk in the door.

wondering if your arms will still be open...
redspark tomorrow its only a day away, ha, never ask me to sing.

really though

a day with no mistakes made, nothing u wish you could take back, no unxpected things happening then, no one, nothing there yet, its always there, tomorrow
kx21 Life is none other than the relationships of Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow... 010429
lalalander not today, not yesterday. tomorrow. the only thing that keeps me going. tomorrow will be better. i promise. day after day after day, knowing that the next day will be better. but you know what?! it never is. 010608
frozen is the end of something, i'm told.
cry and laugh and capture the moment with your very own disposable camera and save it forever and forget the emotion the day after. or sit and accept and march in time to a hundred other footsteps and smile because you know the end came long ago. no final words can stand against the actuality of years of tomorrows.
Casey Tomorrow is just another day. Another day of sitting here spending the summer in complete solitude. I hate being alone and traped in an air conditioned prison with no one but my family, who only say about 5 words a day to me 010609
Fire&Roses I will see you tomorrow. We always talk about it. Tomorrow or later. Sometimes it's sooner. Never failing to appreciate the rare moments together, yet ALWAYS looking forward to tomorrow. i used to love tomorrow because it was my second chance, now I love it because it's a gift an extra chance... one more possibility that I will have you in my arms. 010723
Annie Their Eyes Were Watching God. I knew I recognized that quote.

I hated that book until I read small individual quotes like that by themselves.

I hate my English teacher. He is so smart and kind but he alienates everyone in the classroom. People need to learn to communicate.
ClairE and tomorrow and tomorrow, creeps in its petty pace from day to day...

you know you're having a bad day when you start identifying heavily with quotes from Macbeth.

Tomorrow never comes. Or dies. It never does a lot of things. If I were tomorrow, I'd want to be able to order a cheeseburger, sit down at the counter, and plunge my teeth intoit.
Then again, maybe I wouldn't have any teeth.
yoink is the same fuckin day 011224
Syrope tomorrow's my birthday. 3-26-84, i wonder if on that day my mom knew she was going to ruin my life. if she dressed me in all black and held me up and cackled at me. i bet she did.
dad asked what i wanted for my birthday. i just shrugged.
"gee, dad, how bout you and mom show me some respect, treat me like im 18 instead of 4? oh..too much to ask..i see. well, nevermind. it won't be the first birthday i've been disappointed"
*sigh* i cant wait to get out of here.
evolutionending how i hate you 020408
morphine. too wide i wished i could keep walking, too wide though too many walkways walking takes energy maybe not lots maybe not much but it hurts when i try tomorrow is so wide tomorrow has already been touched i am gone maybe you can do something cant do a thing too late bored tired helpless early early falling sitting grabbing onto rugs again, this time they are covered
me i'll do it many times have we heard those words? well tomorrow never comes for some people. if you always say i'll do it tomorrow then how will it ever get done? 021221
everyones reflection does not exist 030103
nomatter We love you Mrs. Hannigan 030924
gsa We shall show em' c'mon!!!! 031014
lollirot never 031123
me no 031125
when darkness falls i will be a different person, trying to change for the better, always, yet always going back to start and getting disappointed.... i think i'm too weird... 031126
MeKoy Ok I'M 14 the real reason I got interested with this site was people's insites on the word cut. Trust I have my reasons. Th epage is huge and I read a couple of blathers from redspark. I love the pasion they speak with and energy and poitive eneergy and they 2 r 14.

Well anyways tomorrow I have one thing to say.

LIve life today,
yesterday is gone and,
tomorrow may never come.
nothingness_is_me tomorrow is wasted

today has been spent

there's no point in hoping for anything better.
End Is Forever cras amet qui numquam amavit quique amavit cras amet

Sick of waiting for then...
puredream forever in tomorrow. 040527
delial I turn 20 tomorrow...and might see the beatles.

unhinged i'm headed on a plane to hawaii. i guess most people would be excited to go to paradise. i'm really more of a four seasons girl myself. snow...i need snow. glittery, reflective, cold...yeah, i need snow. my brother is moving to hawaii to go to school. always had grand and ambitious plans that kid. to be a kindergarten teacher, which most people laugh at the thought, my muscle-bound jock wannabe hippie brother as a kindergarten teacher, but i think it's perfect. he has the right mentality to deal with small children; part jungle gym, part coach, part disciplinarian, part best friend. they always flock to him and they always will, the kiddies. my little brother is one of my best friends in the world. and definitely the only person in my family that really knows me. several times this summer, we sat on the front porch smoking cigarettes after our parents went to sleep talking til all hours. and i still tuck him in at night, a ritual. turn out the lights, turn on the fan and cd player, tuck the covers up to his chin and give him a kiss. i think it's okay if he leaves; it has to be okay if he leaves cause he's leaving anyways. but he's got a nose for trouble and from that far away it worries me. and who am i going to sit up with at night telling everything to? but i'll get to spend nine days in paradise with him. fitting goodbye i guess. most people would be excited to go to paradise. 040811
ipi37 ...another tragedy 041007
Skimmer . 041008
Staind_And_Souless A huge day. I know I ought to go. But I don't want to. I want to stay and love you. I want to spend time with you. Walk beside the sea and gaze at you and the waves. But you want me to go. 041111
ninecat running away from the trees on the ceiling
and miscellaneous treason in white tears.
leaving your covers on crystal hooks that shook the morning after your last tomorrow.
i wasn't fit to fight this one.
we were bid to run.
BitterSweetDream Tomorrow will be amazing. 041227
MagicDream Can be a beautifull day...I Wope.... 050628
shivers ur home!!! 051114
me it just keeps getting worse 060125
phil tomorrow was wednesday
now today is wedsnesday
it used to be tuesday
and now that's yesterday
the day after tomorrow is thursday
but it will someday be today
more valuable than
tomorrow or yesterday, then again
there is more of those days
Did I say that tomorrow?
her royal highness the quirk i'm mailing the rsvp with my name and no date. i guess it was only a matter of time before i had to stop depending on him to be my fallback date. i'm just not ready for that. because i guess that means i'll have to find real dates now. 060516
u24 i will not code.
i will revise.

the day after tomorrow, I will code a frenzy of ideas the likes of which the world may not be ready for.
coding is an apt name for the activity, because it will solidify, codify ideas into a more solid reality.

see: cool_domain_names
dessiahs_song tomorrow was another day
till i slipped and fell headlong
into yesterday.
Superfluous seriously?

i don't believe in tomorrow.
Lizzy Price Hello friend,
Every medication less the price as never
Hurry up!
flowerock(procrastinatesuffocates) I'll wake up early
be more active
bike more
spend more time training my puppy
apply to jobs
eat the way I should to heal my gut
not scratch my leg
drink green tea instead of coffee
crochet more hats and things
say your name more
be more loving
listen to more blues and music with harmonica
learn to play my harmonica
play my flute again
jump in the river while it's still there
I will do all of this tomorrow
what day does tomorrow come after?
bonkrete_clonde wendy is going to die 161013
what's it to you?
who go