annie is my coolest friend. 980819
dallas Annie didn't have any parents. She sure could sing like a little princess, though! 981114
Annie I do so have parents, Dallas. Their names are Bob and Betty. Oh. I think you meant the red-headed imp from the hit Broadway musical of the same name. Oops. 990204
Rainer Krauss the goddess of the internet (.....btw, thank you annie for the link) 990205
kirstin has a really neat-o creation, i go there often. 990330
heidi75 that doll in CPR class that you have suck face with. It's a wonder I didn't go lesbo. 990615
glowstick girl perma-smile and "Who's Puff Daddy?" 000127
daxle told me to get out of here 001225
stupidpunkgirl annie marie.
the black curly haired girl that josh tells everything to.
the girl who is so beautiful and has so many tattoos.
i don't know her *that* well but i still think she's so cool.
COLDandBLUEkitty she once called me her best friend - next to laura and kirk. which is an insane complement.
now.. it's megan. the megan i can't stand.. who thinks i hate her.. and i think she may be right.
anne.. shes someone that i couldn't forget even if i try..
she has coupons for everything..and enything she wants.
i dyed her hair once.. and my blue strawberry sweater still shows it.
i miss our late night talks.
and i miss her getting mad about kirk.
and i miss dennys with her.
annie.. come and play with me.
Casey I don't know anyone named annie. But if i did i would try to become their friend 010610
Claire I liked the name Annie.
Not always but ever since
I started liking it
I never really stopped.
Now I have a friend named Annie.
I know she'll read this real soon.

We just discovered blather together.
She loves it. We've been
sharing art all day.
you can find things
in unexpected places.
like eyeglasses under the couch
or the crunch of your foot
"Lincoln's Dreams", by Connie
is about an "Annie". The name
is essential.
Annie111 My name is red headed and gutsy and pretty. I love it. 011127
ClairE Annie111 i just discovered this and it is amazing. Like the end of the internet, but better. I love that there is no explanation, just words. all we have are words, and sometimes looks.

I *heart* Annie.
ClairE It is so exciting to know that a writer loves you.
I love what you've written here, Annie.
ClairE annie is a stupid name. Every single annie i known is stupid. 011201
ClairE Just kidding!!! 011201
ClairE I thought maybe that would bring her back--but, alas! It is not to be.

Is she sleeping or something? God!
ClairE Someone I keep missing online.

ClairE is so gullible sometimes.

She loves making people jealous.

I love tricking them.

I'm rather bad at it usually.

says DUDE!
Annie111 I am so NOT gullible!!!

Hang on.
Were you lying to me??????????

ClairE is so beautiful. She's gotten by alone because there is no one to match up. The wrong sorts of boys. Like when you are the only one left in Guess_Who.

There isn't anything wrong about her. I think this scares the boys. Either they like drama or they are such young things...
ClairE is mad at me and sometimes I wonder how much it would really hurt if I drew a razor down my arm.

Just wondering, you know.
annie this is my name. and for some reason, always find it strange when other people have the same name.

i like it on them.

tis cool that "my" name has a category, even though it's not meant for me.
bethany waits
for a call from a friend
god she prefers to be called
sprhrgrl easy_street 030804
annie hihihihi gooberlicious just felt like sayin it huh 031201
J was my first love. maybe my last but i doubt it
she is a sad and neglected person
shes afraid to let herself love
for fear of loss
but there is so much more to her than that
or is there
what's it to you?
who go