jennifer (Daytime. Inside Q4Quik (gas station). Song "Poor Dead William" by
Michelle Lewis.) Jennifer and Andrea go over to the Mountain Dew
Freeze Machine, and Jennifer is getting herself a freeze.
Andrea: God, that Rae scares me. She's like Laurie Manning with all of
her schedules.
Jennifer: I know. I couldn't stand it if my life was that structured.
Andrea: And what was she wearing? It's like she tries to look like a
Jennifer: Yeah. What the hell's with that? Does she dress like that
all the time, or is it a summer thing?
Andrea: I don't know, but that isn't a summer thing. Summer things
are mom's apple pie and the beach, not... that!
Jennifer: Well, she's insane.
Andrea: Uh-uh. Don't say insane. Say colorful. It's a much better
Jennifer: Whatever.
They both walk around the store, looking at the items and such. Andrea
picks up a few things (one of which is "Phish Food" from Ben and
Jennifer picks up a strawberry air freshener, which prompts the next
discussion. They both meander around to make it to the register.
Jennifer: Hey, Andrea, have I ever told you my philosophy on
Andrea: Strawberries? You're so strange. No, I don't think so, but
you might as well tell me now, because I know you'll ask again in three
Jennifer: Hey, I'm not that predictable!
Andrea: No, you're not predictable... Just opinionated and stubborn-
Jennifer: --don't forget loud.
Andrea: I'm getting there... And loud and whenever you want to tell
someone something, you just dig at them and dig at them until they give
in a let you tell it.
Jennifer: (rolls her eyes) Cute.
Andrea: Am I right?
Jennifer: Yeah. But don't tell anyone.
Andrea does the lip lock thing, and puts the key in her front shirt
Jennifer: So, do you want to hear it or not?
Andrea nods her head and points to her mouth.
Jennifer: (not angrily) Do you know how damn annoying you are?
Andrea just grins.
Jennifer: Do you?
Andrea: Sure.
Jennifer: Damn it. Now what was I talking about?
Andrea: (points to the air freshener in Jennifer's hand) Strawberries.
Jennifer: Oh, yeah. Strawberries. They are the perfect accessories to
any love scene in a movie. Don't you think?
Andrea: (testing her) Any movie?
Jennifer: Yeah, well I guess. Just think about it. How much better would love scenes be if you added strawberries?
Andrea: How about that one in "Jerry Maguire"? (Andrea starts
thrashing around in the store.) The "never stop fu--"
Jennifer: (ducks behind a shelf, embarrassed, cuts her off before she
can say the last word.) Jee-sus. Have you no modesty? No, not that movie obviously.
Andrea: But you said that any movie would work.
Jennifer: Don't be such a four-year-old. So, my theory needs work. So
what? But think about it... Strawberries are... (searches for words)
passionate, perfect... gratifying, even. They symbolize everything
that is wonderful about love.
Andrea: You're full of shit, Jen.
Jennifer: (satisfied) I know.
Andrea: (cocks one eyebrow and gives Jennifer a look) This is why I
love being your friend. I can never know what will come out of your
mouth next. (grabs her chin) And the only way you can get away with it
is because you are so damn cute.
Jennifer: That I didn't know.
Andrea: Yes you did. That's why you are so cocky.
Jennifer: Oh, so I'm cocky now. I thought I was cute.
Andrea: Nope, you've graduated to cocky. And pretty soon you can move
on to annoying.
The girls are finally at register. Jennifer picks up a magazine off
the rack: "The Advocate". Other magazines are "The Independent" and
Jennifer: (under her breath) Yippee!
The girls stand behind Brenna who is buying a 12-pack of Fresca. The
girl behind the counter is talking to Brenna (but the conversation is
Andrea: (lifts up her shirt and looks at her belly-button.) Isn't it
Jennifer: What?
Andrea: My belly-button. It's cute.
Jennifer: (looks at it) Indeed. And it's dirty.
Andrea: Oh, that's cute. Do you think I should get it pierced?
Jennifer: Whatever.
Andrea: Well, forget you. You just have your head buried in that
magazine. What's so interesting in there that you have to ignore me?
Jennifer: Nothing. Well, it just says in here that more people in the
U.S. fear bicycles than escalators, and that 15% fear the Veterans
Administration and only 4% fear the INS.
Brenna and girl behind counter turn to join Andrea in staring at
Andrea: And this you find interesting?
Girl Behind Counter: Well, if the government packaged weed and sold it
like cigarettes and sold it for profit, they could completely wipe out
the national debt in less than 5 years.
Jennifer and Andrea raise their eyebrows at each other and start to
giggle as Brenna leaves the store with her Fresca. The two girls mouth
the word colorful, laugh and leave.
andrea this is my favorite part 991231
jennifer better still


setsuna meiou my lips to touch yours 000101
Fanshawe Who do I hate more:
you for 'writing' such garbage
or myself for reading it?
Q re: men

no just a smearing chocolate strawberry
meggie blonde hair, dyed to be like mine. his blue eyes, misted-over, orbs of love and health. 000315
daxle I personally hate myself more for reading it 000316
marjorie her lips the colour of ripe strawberries
with white cream and chocolate swirls
on the side
she looked as though she were waiting
but i do not think it was for you
because her weight shifted from side to side
and she never glanced your way
when you walked by
. : * p s y b o r g * : . yummy 011104
little fury bug

he likes strawberries...i like strawberries...i guess that means we're soul mates.

I'm gonna go buy strawberry flavored lip's yummy...he'll think it's yummy...if only he'd kiss me.
lou_la_belle i want one right now.
they always make me feel better
i don't pretend to understand why
i just eat them
and reap the benefits
Staind_And_Souless My strawberry_girl 041025
BitterSweetDream I used to be a strawberry girl. 041025
Staind_And_Souless You never stop being a strawberry girl. You are still mine. Well, I know I am still yours. 041025
BitterSweetDream You are??????? 041027
camille strawberry with snow on it
SAS Always will be. 061101
fghio fghio 101114
what's it to you?
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