unhinged his hands on me
his contented sighs
the tone of his voice when he says 'i_love_you'
the sheer amount of people that tell me
they have never seen him this happy

how embarassed he gets when i tell him how great he is
that i can tell him those things
that there is no noose on my tongue
my heart spills out of my mouth
and i grab onto him

i need him close to me
unhinged (i think always changed to i need out when i realized that the bar was more important to you than i was; that your past would make our future stupidly difficult. that without realizing where or when, my leg jiggles uncontrollably. when i should be at rest, i tremble like a leaf) 090821
. . 090821
In_Bloom He says love has always been the most important drive in his life
Probably because he's had everything else

He says he wants love again but feels cold
I know he's a liar because he tries so well to warm me and push me

He says he doesn't know what he's doing
I tell him he's gambling just like me that this time won't be like last time or last time or last time...
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