hotmatty andrew's a liar. he told me. so I don't believe him. 980819
adam liars suck, they suck worse than hooty and the blowfish hanging out with jerry fallwell at a winger concert in idaho in the early seventies in the acid rain eating cheetos and drinking pepsi from 40 oz. beer bottles and smoking phillies and wearing 'no fear' clothing and nodding their heads to "NKOTB" on headphones and staring dumbly at pictures of jennifer love hewitt and that's pretty bad. 990223
groovinkim you broke me.
took my naive soul and smashed
it on the ground and stomped on it.
took my hope and crushed it.
took my dreams and laughed at them.

but that's not why i feel bad for you.

can you truly stand your own company?
can you really stand the guilt of
hurting not just me, but so many others?
alone, you wither and disappear... it is
only in others' eyes that you really
bee in time, they are broken by those they keep breaking. "no worries," jonas said. "everything is gonna be all right." 000108
BoofPixie i'm a liar. no regrets. there's always a time and a place, i say. 000310
distant I feel like a liar constantly.
Whether I am or not I don't know.
reflective bird if i had asked you, (cornered you) about that_dress

you would have, in all likelihood proven yourself to be

but i probably would have let it go, just like that buzzcocks song seems to imply

how i wish i could hate you
jeffrey shit is good to eat
president is the best job
sex sucks
you are my friend because you tell me the truth
you look good to me
don't change a thing
hey how are you good to see you
Ilove you
wish you were here
I didn't do it
hope to see you soon
call me
I will call you tomorrow
I have been waiting for someone like you my whole life
my personality
my identity
my life
my beliefs
my face
my way of relating
I tell the truth
I sing th eblues
I am happy with every inch of my body
I am happy
I am a complete person
I am in control
I am sober
I am never going to talk to you again
I can never do that
I can not
I may not
I anything
what else
what if
did you see that
did you
we are
loving little liars like that
lusty lie
lusty luscious but loud and lacerating lie
you do not
you do not
lie to me please
I cannot take the truth
truth that is the lie
truth is no more theopposite of lie than is hate love
black white
clear congested
known unknown dis mantled manteled
jello shot
foot ball
base ball
that is a lie too
and what else
or not
not at all
the biggest lie is there is no lie because there is no truth
and there is no truth because there is no lie
we just make descisions on whatever we are told to believe like the littl evoice in our heads says everyone else does
they say
they would say
damn they damn them
they are lies
them are liars
stan Words are liars 000731
misstree fucking liar!

i never slept with you,
i never gave you vd,
it's not my fault
your girlfriend's womb,
seat of womanhood,
is scarred from disease
and the removal of your child.

fucking liar,
don't drag my name through the mud
just so you can have some company.
stupidpunkgirl you weak little boy
couldn't handle telling the truth
couldn't tell me that you didn't want me
told me the opposite
and now....i see you
with another girl
i want to break every bone in your body
talking doesn't seem to help
i'm so hurt::i don't want you to see me cry
i cared!:so:much...
i always told you.
you may be much older in years...but not in the mind...
little boy...go back to mommy
i don't need you anymore
unhinged my father could not tolerate lies...that was the worst possible transgression you could commit against him. we were more likely to get hit for lieing than anything else.

it is pretty damn bad when you realize that you are lying to yourself before you even finish the thought.
You think you're going to live your life alone in darkness and seclusion
You've been out there and tried to mix with the animals
It left you full of humiliated confusion
So you stagger back to your room and wait for nothing
But the solitary refinement of your room spits you back onto the street
You're desperate and in need
And then you meet me and you whole world changes
Everything I say is everything you've ever wanted to hear
You drop your defenses and your ego obscures reality
You're so busy feeling good
You're feeling so lucky
That you never question why things are going so well
You want to know why
I'm a liar
I'll rip your mind out
I'll burn your soul
I'll turn you into me

I'll hide behind a smile and understanding eyes
I'll tell you things that you already know
So you can say
I really identify with you
All the time you're needing me
Is just the time I'm bleeding you
I'll come to you like an affliction
I'll leave you like an addiction
You'll never forget me

I don't know why
I feel the need to lie and cause you so much pain
Maybe it's something deep inside
Maybe it's something I can't explain
All I do is mess you up and lie to you

If you'll give me one more chance I swear I'll never lie again
Now I see the destructive power of a lie
They're stronger than truth
I'm sorry, I can't believe I ever hurt you
I will never lie again
bhrahahahaha! i promise 010117
Becky He sits there with a look on his face like he just ate something sour. I glance at him with quiet wonder. I don't understand him sometimes.
He doesn't think I know he's lying. But I do. I can see it in his eyes when he insists he's telling the truth. It hurts me.
But I sit back and listen to his dribble and I ponder what it is to be friends with him. What it is to feel for him. I decide that he really might not be worth my time, but I stay anyway. Hoping he'll understand when I tell him I can't do this anymore. Can't pretend to believe him.
And I wonder why it is that he treats me this way.
Rayne Tears, Tears are pain, hurt, joy, and love from the soul. The most honest thing a person can show, or so they say. You held me close and promised as the tears fell that you would never hurt me, you held me close as the tears from your heart fell onto my pillow and promised that you would never leave me. Our last night together you looked into my eyes with the tears pouring down your face and told me time after time that you would always love me. Broken promises, lies, pain, and hurt is all you ever gave me. I can't hate you, I can only love you for the lying bastard and coward that you are! 010419
daylitedreamer i dont have time for such people. they break your heart and go on their merry little way. it wont work anymore. goodbye. 010419
j_blue i am a liar

everyone is

the motive and intent of a lie define whether it is a bad thing
velvet spasm that's when el's 'shrooms really began to kick in.
he spun his head around violently. his thick rubbery lips flailed like soggy tubesocks tied to the door handle of a '79 volare. a single drop of grease escaped from his mane like a little child thrown from a merry-go-round.
his eyes narrowed, then focused on a cloaked apparition bearing what appeared to be an ancient scroll containing terrible mysteries. upon the scroll was a single slice of pizza, also shedding grease.
elvis lunged greedily for the slice. the apparition dissolved, and el found himself plunging into an abyss.
el's head swam as he backed away from the toilet. he pulled up his pants, and half-heartedly raised his zipper. his hands, and the entire bathroom, were covered with shit. he retched, then reeled out of the room.
lizard To say you've never lied, would only make you more of a liar. 020408
neuromancer liar!! so what? we all have to lie to exist in this ridiculous world were stuck in. people demand lies to statisfy their own pathetic desires and inflated images of themselves. and the sad thing is no one even realizes it anymore, were all just so caught up in our own deluded realities and the brainwashing of lying society. 020408
Bizzar You look at me and tell me you dont care.
You stare right into my soul, and lie to my face.
You like to pretend that this life isnt worth living
and that you dont need emotion
or the comfort that I bring.
You tell me of your view on 'us', when I know you truly believe something different
You are a liar, but I love you for it.
jimc liars suck and I'm tired of dealing with them. After many years of living in a shell so I wouldn't get hut again, I finally let someone in who said that they would never hurt me, that I could always trust them, and that they would always let me know if there was a problem. While many others had tried and in some cases actually put a crack in my precious and safe shell, she was the only one who could convince me that is was safe to come out of my sweet never hurting shell. She hurt me, she didn't tell me there was a problem - although she didn't hesitate to tell everyone else behind my back - she lied to me then called me a liar. If this is her idea of loving a friend I don't want it. Welcome back dear safe and secure shell. I will never let you be broken again because you are the only thing that has never broken my heart and my heart can't take being broken again. 030514
Rotten77 I am so sick of liars. why associate with someone u can't trust? and why would anyone want to live like that anyway? How are you supposed to find anyone you can trust if you aren't trustworthy yourself? and if u can't find a trusting relationship eventually, how could u b happy? u'd b so alone. my ex was a liar and i didn't really realize it at the time. now i'm not sure if anything he told me was true. nothing at all. then the last guy was all: fuck girls, they cheat, they lie--but mayb i just need to find one i can trust. he could've trusted me. but i found out i couldn't trust him--he lied to me about selling drugs when i as good as asked him strait up. i was even willing to deal with it if he told me the truth about it. then he had the nerve to tell me he was honest. why can't people understand that it just maxe good sense to b as honest as possible--it just improves communication--why don't people get that?? The world would run so much more smoothly on a large scale and in individual relationships.

Tell me why'd u have to lie
should've realized that
u shoud've told the truth
you're in suspension
you're a liar
now i wanna know
why u never look me in the face
broke a confidence just to please your ego
god wow,liar rail, mom 030529
june Should i say something here?
i know, i do it unconsciously as well and i catch myself after the fact i lied.

I can't do it. That's why. Maybe to do so inflicts great pain upon me so I avoid the visual stimulus. I cannot and I won't, so, I don't care what names get hurled at the girl. You should know.
me how many fo you are liars? fix yourself. its simple. just dont lie. 050124
phil It's true what they say: everyone lies. 050124
B.Liar Absolutely_NOT!!! 050124
phil Which leads us naturally into mini-skirts... 050130
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