psyki Safety Harness Man told me a story once. it was a sad story, about a giraffe that slipped in the mud and broke his third cervical vertebrae. i cried for hours, until i realized that it wasn't a real giraffe. 000203
Muddy_Funksterz Slippy slidey, moist,
Feels cold against your skin.
Rub it on your face.
Deep down cleansing,
for pores and quim.

Muddy funkster
Muddy funkster
Muddy funkster..

Kitten ha ha ha 030321
User24 Multi User Dungeon?

sounds like bdsm for junkies to me.
muddyfunkster I've worked out why all the words on this site all link together, it's a very cool concept and an interesting way of navigating through a site!

suicidalchinadoll I used to walk in mud all the time
I only did once this summer..on a walk for an hour along a gravel
GREAT idea I know..
but there was a pud muddle at the end, and it felt oh so good on the toes..
Forming Mind Soft, squishing between toes.
Walking from there to here, wondering thoughts and pants crusting brown.
Rain, soft spring rain streaking the face and softening the dirt. Softening the mood. Beauty of earth. Beauty of everything.
Life is just this. Mud to gather. Mud to love. And mud to feel.
Feel and be. Alive and awake. I want nothing more.
FUN throw it !

float on the dead sea... it's fun

make mud pies - cos its FUN !
what's it to you?
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