Shar My eyes are boring. They just kinda sit there, content with being dull and plain-colored. They don't sparkle or change color with mood or reflect whatever shirt I'm wearing.

Nor do they pop out of my head, or occasionally use a third eyelid so I can see underwater. They're not even supported by tentacles, for goodness sake! What an outrage!

I tried to change them. I wore hazel colored contacts. My mom thought I was stoned. I wore blue in one eye, purple in another. My doctor thought I had cataracts at age 16. I wore glasses. My nose didn't like being intruded upon. Eyepatches made me lose snowball throwing accuracy.

Will you trade with me? I have brown eyes, but my eyebrows are cute and managable. Just for a day? I think it would be fun.

You too can become sick of the Van Morrison tune "Brown-Eyed Girl."
splinken get on up.

get on the scene.

like a sex machine.
god i don't know karate,
but i know ka-ray-zee
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surrealchereal She doesn't mean what she used to mean
i just don't feel the same, i mean
i simply feel insane, i mean
it's over now.
sez silent bob,
I'm a brown eyed girl,
i don't mean to him what i used to mean.
he taught me to cuddle, then left me
he taught me to loosen my voracious sexual appetite then left me.
he taught me to open up, then left me
he taught me i did need someone then left me
i am still realing
i am still alone
i sleep by myself,
i am feeling insane, because now
i know the difference.
brown25 010605
ClairE At first I got excited when Elijah said he applied to Vassar, but then, of course, he applied to Brown, too, and I know they'd take him if Vassar does. 011130
me come back, come back Charlie Brown, you are forgiven 030628
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