kittenqueen inundation marketing consumer love 991117
grasshopper I like to slather myself in scented sparkles 000619
zavyman The sparkle that I see
Oh to just gaze
In wonder at your thoughts
Channeled through thine eye
underatlas There is no punchline. 000919
Sweetest*Revenge I know a girl named Sparkle
well, i saw her once
she represents my past
glitter and drugs
megan yeah.. i USED to be a cheerleader too... 021115
girl_jane I'm making a t-shirt-navy blue with yellow-
front is a picture of a firefly
back is *sparkle*
*nat* i love to sparkle like a star
after all, we are all made of stars
sigma Sparkle, glitter, shine...

What I keep in my pockets to throw at people who aren't smiling. They don't always smile when the sparkles come down on their head...

But at least they look up and see something bright.
bork i saw you looking at me out of the corner of my eye and i noticed the look you had in your eyes and I found the proof. there are no lies on your body so take off your shirt...because i just want to get at the truth 040809
misstree leaning, recovering from hangover, i catch a glimpse
hair disheveled, eyes raccooned from last night's
heavy kohl and shine, ratty house dress,
and a crest of diamonds at my throat,
giggling costume jewelry never shed,
forgotten after the night's revelries.
oops (*C*leaning. sorry.) 061026
that amy too old sorry, I don't do this. 080417
what's it to you?
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