amy consider consequences. 000108
amy backpack onetwothree chicago

(three_words, random)

a blathe with backpack is one of my favorites, one of the attractors, methinks.
camille a place where we taste and quiet the rainbows.
a place where we can scream if we want to.
a place where we can walk on the water.
a place where i can stand on my head in the middle of the street spinning if i wanted to, without everyone thinking i was insane.
a place where i can savour my words and the words of others.
camille some of my thoughts
nameless Lukas: something like "everything will be alright"
Joe:"What makes you think that?" giving an angry sarcastic look
Lukas:"Who knows where thoughts come from they just appear"

Empire Records
nothingman won't leave me alone. they plague me in my sleep in the mask of dreams. everything's so fucking crazy. It's fucking bullshit. all of it. So much noise. Just random noise in my head. i don't want to get better. i don't want to sleep. i don't want to live this life. What the fuck is the point. I'm tired, and dizzy, and sick of it all. the noise won't stop it just keeps coming and coming and coming and fucking coming. it's all noise. shut the fuck up. 000221
lisa_is_bionic Where do your thoughts come from Lisa? 000526
silentbob i'm thinking things over
considering things i dont want to
i have desires
faulters and false downs
calls me up drunk at 3 or four AM
i am an epitome of a weakerthans song
i should write this up.
its boggling me and corroding my insides til i spill out lies.
make it stop.
jireh reflecting now.. on thoughts of days long gone... damn... my life has been pretty fucked up till now... 000921
evolutionending antihero

pen in hand

thought in mind
crazychick get outta my brain
get outta my brain
get outta my brain
get outta my brain
get outta my brain
get outta my brain
get outta my brain
get outta my brain

yeah, you!
gwyllynne at times they are enough to drive me batty.....but usually they keep me from being bored

I have many thoughts on you, you, you, you, and you.

and everything else
lovers lament about not doing it. about doing it.

they just chase each other around in my mind.
yes, i should. and the knife gets closer.
no, i can't. and the knife recedes.
when i have the battles with my conscience, i usually don't cut myself. it's when i'm crazy, no thinking involved. . .that's when i run into trouble.
and the blood doesn't stop.
Jack Far beyond the realms of madness
And yet within the scope of the imagination lies a place

Which I inhabit.

Time ponders. Pauses.

In a heartbeat the world resumes its laborious trundle through the heavens.

The honking of the city horns are far away.

kx21 Unlimited variations!!!
no / infinity/
Positive/ negative/
great/ small/
beautiful/ ugly/
interesting/ dull/
intelligent/ silly/
first / second/
conventional/ wild/
right / wrong/
practical / academic (THEORETICAL) /
logical / illogical/
reaonable/ unreasonable/
real/ fabricated/
... / ???

It is far beyond and more than your brain, your body and the Universe?
carey in order/out_of_order 010205
you um yeah 010205
chanaka no no don't want to know what i'm thinking. really. you don't. trust me. i'm serious.
i think
kx21 Between unenlightened and enligtened thoughts, there is common sense... 010210
kx21 Who is the FATHER of all THOUGHTs?

Who is the MOTHER of all THOUGHTs?
guitar_freak What should i think? how do i know the truth. what has happened between you and her, between you and me? is this right, was i wrong? how do i know? hopefully my thoughts won't last long... 010311
mpayton a drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts. 010409
.sunshine. alltheunbornchikkenvoicesinmyhead 010505
fanta all mine
the only thing that really is
I like that
no one can know them
unless I chose to share them
The Truth Thoughts are unfertilized seeds of _reality_.

You must plant them in your mind, nurture them. Water them with positive feelings. Prune away the sickly branches of doubt, anger and fear. Be patient, and wait for them to grow into reality.

This is how dreams come true. This is how an Idea becomes revolutionary.

This is how an invention becomes a product.
distorted tendencies Thoughts of you. Constantly. I fret because I feel so good, so happy and i can't stand it. Why have I let myself become sidetracked? Fuck it. I'm in love, terribly. I don't just want you, I need you. And I'm willing to admit it. I won't let myself fuck up this time. You've given me plenty of chances. And more. And yet somehow, you're still willing to give, after I used every one of those chances. 010922
Devious1 mine are devious, in a deviate way , developed to devastate ones mental domain, dont detest me for my deception in defiance Im deliberately dabbling with D 011027
buddyp are the the same as thinking to a sane person. Thoughts for an insane person however are called voices 011028
Dafremen "You should shouldn't use such large words all the time man."

"I figured that since you had the small ones covered already..."
Dafremen Liberal Definition of "UNITY":
"Everyone feeling great and working together to reach MY goals."

Conservative Definition of "UNITY":
"Everyone pooling their money and power together to reach MY goals."

My definition of "UNITY":
"The point at which we all agree to respect each other's goals."
Alexander Beetle Too many. Too, too many. I must go to the store to buy a miniature tape recorder and many miniature tapes. I shall call it My Hammer, for to strike while the iron, she eez still hot, you see? 011029
Dafremen "...but being ANYTHING is better than being nothing baby."

"An ass? Or an @sshole?(related thought, why can I say ass in the clear but not asshole? Oh yea, gotta set an example. Please disregard: HYPOCRISY (for the duration of this blather))"

"Yes even an ass or an @sshole my dear. Hell I imagine next to feeling nothing, having crap slide through you no matter how sideways has got to be better than feeling nothing...always."

"Like the toilet?"

"Yea! Good thought baby, I bet that toilet would just love to reach up and touch the ass that sits in it, if only for a moment in time. It would be the most exhilarating moment in time of it's entire toilet existence. To actually feel something. Hell to be a toilet is to be something much needed, although I can't say I envy the job. Yea baby can you imagine? Compared to nothing to be able to actually feel the water washing dooky down your throat would be shangri-la. Seriously, like an ice cold glass of lemonade to recall for eternity or for as long as it takes you to get chucked back into the Earth pot and maybe come up something besides craps the next time."

"Heheh that's so silly!"

"I dunno baby, I bet a LOT of toilets would give one of their lower mounting nuts to touch your ass, if only for a fleeting moment in time....

I know I would."

(Blush)= )_( :
Qazual pay for patience and borrow time.. who would have thunk it? 021106
megan you've stolen them all, you've made them your private and constant apartment, one that i would never have the heart nor the will to kick out. you dance, oh, you dance throughout the very fibers of my being, leaving small traces of you all over. it won't ever go away... 021126
DoinkTheclown I wonder if its more important to find someone to spend the rest of your life with, or is it better to find someone for today or tomorrow or a week. The reason I think of this is because people often say "we dated for 2 years" but only saw each other like twice a week over thist time, so I mean the actual time elapsed, is quite different then time spent togeher.

Love is one of the most complicated things in the world. It takes so long for you to be able to say it to someone, but once you do you set yourself up for the worst hurt and pain ever Imagined. Is it best to find someone that you are close to but do not risk being closer, or is it better to become so close to someone that you risk having your heart pulled out and stomped on repeatedly.

Why do I continuosly find myself ignore facts that I know are going to come true. I mean I wake up knowing that something in the past is most likely going to happen, but I let myself forget about it and I know in the end that its going to end up hurting me.

blah blah blah
david i feel nothing, emotionless, still, fucked in the head, i can no longer fulfill, dreams and ambitions, they just get me down, so drown me in beer and give me a gun 030420
david heres a thought, i'm pretty bored, so any cool, interesting peeps feel free to email me :) 030420
maddog the act of thinking is a tool...just like our senses...our brain uses this tool to make sense of the situation...

i don't want to think all the takes away from the moment...

when one's mind is not where their body is at any given moment, then one is dreaming...
REAListic optimIST Thoughts are like a cloud of smoke, seeping out of your head, and filling the room, filling the world. Creeping into the heads of others influencing thier thoughts and actions, their words and deeds, their views. Contaminating and polluting, breaking holes in the protective ozone of thier conscience, polluting the rivers of their tears, and causing them to cry acid rain. Each thought cutting down the forest of their defenses until only a barren wasteland remains.

spring, 1992
BitterSweetDream I dont understand.
How in private, you're so different, so honest, so loving - though you know it's pointless. Yet of course, on show, you're hating, you're scornful and so mocking.
Perfect set up.

It just makes me laugh, how I was always labelled THE ACTRESS.
When all along, it's you who's starring in your own west-end drama.
jeese always overwhelm me 060103
asdfasdfas asdfasdf 060103
just-shoot-me thoughts are abstract way of starting the product of our imagination to words and reality...thoughts are not limited by worldly thingh like language of personal inhibitions...they are free to roam the infinitly expansive universe of collective imagination 060718
phil It feels like a Sunday
But you think it is Monday
Then you check the phone calender
And see that it is Sunday
(things thinked) 070729
Doar i don't know about anything
about her thighs....her spreading
her pounding
again and again
i am fixated with her lips, labia, clit..
and her sighs....

Daniel Sitting on the train floor, watching the world speed by. Its so early the sun's just starting to rise behind dark clouds and it looks so surreal as I sit hear on in brightly lit carriage wishing I could break through that cloud cover to the land of magic that must be hiding just behind. Instead I sit on this carriage floor onto a life with none of the adventure or joy im used to. 211130
dafremen Adventure's a crime these days..which tends to turn a lot of adventurers into criminals. 211130
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