silentbob i was hating my life today. 030528
splinken my life is always complicated by haters of the player variety. 030529
just trying to help if you were hungarian, you could have some cukrászkülönlegesség, it would make you feel better 030529
exsists hating him for fucking a chick
hating him for smoking pot
hating him for getting drunk
and slamming me against a wall
hating him for beating me up
hating him for not being saved
hating him for getting bad grades
hating him becuase he's a weak willed person
hating him because he doesn't deserve his physical strength
because he only uses it to hate
I hate because I bother
still loving him because he's my brother
SJ dont hate! 040722
me i will never understand why people hate. maybe its easier than understanding. but i still dont get it. 050821
what's it to you?
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