dallas take off your clothes
so we can get physical
let down your hair
so we can get it on.
Shar I'm glad they don't grab me and ask me to turn my head and cough. 000306
Barrett I want to date you maybe
I want to take you out
I want to wine and dine you, oh
I want to twist and twist and shout

(physical, you're so
Adam Ant and/or NIN)
Chrity go to:
paste! the elements in my body are knocking the wind out of the blue vinyl skiier until she bleeds hesitantly into my mouth. 010430
Bye June beauty of two bodies
landscape, smooth, bold
warm emotions surge
a conversation
endless desire sometimes i wish we could go a day without the physical.
just sit and talk without the physical.
it's funny how i always want to be held
but then i miss the anti physical.
i guess i really do
olivia newton john Let's get physical,physical! I wanna get physical... :D 030613
chiefnewo physical activity is very much not my thing 040607
camille touching, contact.. skin to skin 091010
what's it to you?
who go