klairchen Thought about Nin for awhile.
And bought a taste of hostility.
Can't say why.

I suspect she might've disliked this place.
daxle can also stand for nine inch nails 000907
Barrett "Delta of Venus"
"Little Birds"
Henry Miller kicks ass too.
startfires wish there was something real in this world for you 001107
silentbob i thought this WAS nine inch nails when i came here... 001109
guitar_freak me too... umm... I LIKE NIN!!!!!!!!!!! 001111
startfires remember that movie "The Secret of NIMH"? that was a good movie. 001113
startfires and i decend from grace in arms of undertow
i will take my place in the great below-NIN

when he sang that song at the concert i cried because, well, idunno why i cried i just did. its a goddamn good song.
amy I was reading something by her, and she described a phase of her life as an orchestra piece. It reminded me of something klairchen had written... I can't remember what it is now.

But the similarities fell off after that, as I read more Nin. Except for that vague, detached, musicalness...

I used to play the piano and make music, and I miss that. Probably my whole motivation for making the analogy in the first place.
the spork i wish i was the semi-clone offspring of anais and trent.

O! whst lyrical masochism i could aspire to
gwyllynne I hurt myself today
to see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
the only thing that's real.

sad part about that is, I really do feel that way most of the time. Numb, and when I feel pain, I know that I am still here.
sabbie i know that i am dead. as soon as i utter a phrase my sincerity dies, becomes a lie whose coldness chills me. don’t say anything because i see that you understand me, and i am afraid of your understanding. i have such a fear of finding another like myself, and such a desire to find one! i am so utterly lonely, but i also have such a fear that my isolation be broken though, and i no longer be the head and ruler of my universe. i am in great terror of your understanding by which you penetrate into my world, and then i stand revealed and i have to share my kingdom with you.”

house of incest” anias nin
kingsuperspecial I've listened to the
HALO_FOURTEEN "the Fragile" album every day for about three weeks now.

This is not out of any morbid obsession with the gloomy prospects to be found in the deep dark corners of Trent Reznor's mind. It's because the album is musically complex and thus endlessly interesting. i just don't seem to get tired of it.

I will admit that the icy, raw songs appeal to my ugly side, but without that it's still a remarkable album.

(a) likesnineinchnails
kingsuperspecial btw - I like "right" better than "left", at least right now.

brilliant stuff, though
something i can never have didn't quite, fell apart
and where the fuck were you?
eli sometimes i should have guessed that some dumbass nine inch nails groupies (NINnies) would have stumbled upon this...tragic, eh?

anais rocks.
Inanna NIN is super! I have some keys from Trent Reznor's keyboard that he smashed at the end of a concert. I saw NIN at Woodstock '94 when he was covered in mud (and also at a few other of his concerts with DB and MM.) That was one crazy mosh pit right in the front row. I bet it is fun for Trent live in New Orleans with his own recording studio... Nothing?(supernaut!). Trent is a lyrical/music writing genius. 011026
translucent need you
dream you
find you
taste you
use you
scar you
fuck you
break you
Inanna reptile(by NIN)
she spreads herself wide open
to let the insects in
seeds from a thousand others
drip down from within

oh my beautiful liar
oh my preciious whore
my disease
my confection
i am so impure
the birdmad you know is now made up of wires devils speak
of the way's
in which she'll manifest

angels bleed
from the tainted touch
of my caress

need to contaminate
to alleviate this loneliness
i now know
the depths i'll reach
are limitless
kingsuperspecial lost again
the right covers me with my own hate
and the beauty of my distance
rolls and crushes all thought
a delicious fucking
the cruel love I need
it will never leave me
never be afraid
never say it is sorry
and all you bitches can wait forever
me and my fix will swill no end
take take
take take

sing it
sing it

ilikefood sometimes, i have everything-
yet i wish i felt something
silentbob he tells me they're his favorite band
that trent reznor is a musical genius.
that he did this way before anyone.
he's publicly self-loathing and easily_amused.
one time he told me he was the only person he knew who even liked nine inch nails. so i told him he obviously doesn't know that many people.
Sailor Jupiter Mmmmmm Trent Reznor and his band's music appeals to me in a strange morbidly perverted way. His voice is so thick and hushed and works his way into my brain, infecting it.
You bring me closer to God....
angie the day the whole world went away. 020510
CRO marlyn manson and NIN - Warlock (tapeworm project) 020510
trent the_more_i_give_to_you 020807
ChiselMouth Warlock? Please, god... tell me that Trent hasn't gotten so brazen as to cover Skinny Puppy tunes... 031111
u24 I'd rather die than give you control. 031121
quotree "Sometimes I think Trent just needs a cup of hot chocolate and a blankie." -Tori Amos 040412
hsgatincamail think trent needs to make new music...stuff more like the downward spiral. that would make me happy. 040613
hsgatincamail listen to the first 57 seconds of "reptile". turn the volume all the way up. lay your ear on the speaker and tell me what you hear.
there is a whisper.
it is there.
you just have to listen very closely.
Morbius NIN is great but theres indudtrial bands around now that I think are could kick trent's ass. Wumpscut, Velvet Acid Christ, Icon Of Coil, Assemblage 23! 040915
paranoid cosmo there are alot of whispers in trent reznor music the more you listen to it the more you get the picture 040915
hsg nin, japanese word for patience.
also the name of a sword, meaning "pursuit of excellence".
hsg anais 040915
hsg now i'm nothing 040915
Frank who could start something so idiotic 041013

I found the nin blather!!!!!! (more than five exclamation marks means that you are insane according to terry pratchett.)
i have to add my blathe.

i love NIN.

its kept me sane, or insane if you prefer. really.

after all, sanity_is_not_statistical

i first heard NIN as "broken", a cd my friend brought back from a trip to the USA. (along with the satanic bible, but that is of no relevance)

i have followed NIN since...

Pretty Hate Machine
Downward Spiral
Further Down the Spiral
the crow (dead souls)
lost highway (driver down)
Into the void
The fragile
Tomb raider (deep)
things falling apart
and all that could have been
with teeth

Halo travis (a cd i burnt for a friend
from mp3s from napster - good old napster - including burn, something sweet, supernaut, quake theme, twist(ringfinger version), a warm place (mix) and a few others. blather back if you want a copy, i should post it to some website or bittorrent link. or maybe i could post you a cd.

i have 144 songs by NIN or trent reznor. 11 hours of music. 1.39 gigabytes. i feel like one of like mind when i listen to his art/music. i have written poems in my mind that he has written songs about. i am jealous of him (trent) yes. but also inspired.

i saw NIN live in melbourne a few years ago as part of the shite 'ye bige daye oute'. He would have been cooler if he was touring alone. He did tour melbourne alone, but i was in india at the time. Sucks to me, i guess, though i was probably on so many drugs that it didnt matter. and i had a copy of 'with teeth', in manali , so it was ok.

i'm sure i have missed some (songs/albums). hardcore nin fans please correct me. peace out
katie Does this still work? Hello...My name is Katie. I am an old school nin fan from 1994. I am 26 years old now and I still love NIN. Something sad happened to me---My home was broken into 4 days ago. The robbers did not get much, but they took something very important to me. They stole my walkman with one of my tapes in it---my bootleg NIN tape with supernaut and twist and other songs on it. I loved that tape! I have been looking up the songs that were on it and I stumbled across your page. Is there anyway I could buy a copy of your bootleg with the same songs on it? I would love you forever and ever.

Roaul Duke wasnt the tapeworm project supposed to have Maynard James Keenan? 060611
hsg a_warm_place is my favorite. 061016
hsg any of you yet figure out the whispers during the first 57 seconds of Reptile?

i know what it says but i dont want to ruin the fun for you.

the voice speaks on the downbeat. turn the volume WAAAAAAYYYY up loud. turn down all the base. it's there. it's scary. it's trentish.
hsg nin, japanese word for patience.
also the name of a sword, meaning "pursuit of excellence". 040915
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