typhoid That's right "The Mascara Snake"
Fast 'n bulbous
Tight also
misstree detachment is death.

drink deep, stay drunk, never thirst.
kasparkamouski Tis the grape, that can with logic absolute, the two and seventy jarring sects confute. the mighty mahamhed ala breathing lord, that all the misbelieving and black hoard of fears and sorrows that infest the soul.....scatter before him with his whirlwind sword

wolfman yuou can only truly appreciate life omce youve detached yourself from it.. and eye every little aspect of it simply as a spectator. 000908
sleepless Life. Don't be detached. Involvement is everything. Throw yourself into it at full pelt, leaving all gasping in your slipstream. Detachment is for the uncommitted, the scared, the unsure, the nervous, the withdrawn. My vacillating and mercurial nature simply won't allow me to be detached. Yes, it makes life into an emotional rollercoaster a lot of the time, and sometimes I wish I could be detached, sit back and observe, ponder, consider rationally, be objective.

But it's just not me, I'm afraid.
twiggie the whole situation burned me. for so long, i just let it go on. i let myself be the one left in the shadows, only cared about when they felt was necessary. i let myself be used. i let myself get walked all over, as i so often do. but then i detached myself. i looked at it, and i realized it wasn't worth my pain. i realized they weren't worth giving the satisfaction that they had hurt me. it still goes on, them lost in their own little world. and it still bothers me, but only like a little pinch, and nothing more. 001219
misstree back in a town full of ghosts, hazel eyes gone grey shield everything but carefully selected morsels, flowers from a dark and humid garden. in the serpent's long coil, i wish that i could care about there people, this place that was once my shelter, but i am unmoved in knowing that i can't.

home again.
pat sajak i can write the lord's prayer on the head of a pin 020104
splinken I think I've done a great job of fooling you.

I wish this wasn't necessary - but I don't think it would be too melodramatic of me to tell you that you drove me to it.
girl_jane It's a survival tactic. 030510
girl_jane wallflower 030510
(_) am i the only one, or does everybody have to create reasons to get out of bed in the morning? my happiness used to be attached to things, but now it's just . . . not there? left behind? i feel like an animal-as long as i eat and people aren't physically cruel, it doesn't matter what they do. because i honestly don't care, [crying is a reflex now] and i just want to stare at the wall and sleep. 051208
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