typhoid rearrange the letters in 'garden of eden cave' to get 'vengance for the dead' 000120
cares The last bit of home in this babolyn where i reside is going to be ripped out to make way for a supermarket parking lot.
Save my home.
where we can lie with the danilions and roses.
where we can sip the sweet necture.
revolt revolt revolt
Babylon Brother Withhold your breath!
Heavy in noon and sleepy as slow death,
Garden of sweets and sours,
The cluster of my body hangs
Odorous with flowers:
Stamen serpent fangs,
Sultry, in showers.
Withhold your hand!
My boughs are bent with gold, my face is fanned
With wings of bees that, thirsting, curve and kiss.
Under green leaves tendrils coil and hiss;
Gloom-laden branches bear me down too much.
My yellow fruit will fall without a touch
From hanging long in sultriness like this.
steely dan babylon sister shake it! 011115
Phsyke Winds of ancient rise and sing
Soft with scents of summer and springs
come closer, draw near
Your yesterday memories are gathered here
white_light I sat in my garden yesterday, to enjoy a beautiful bath in the warm sunlight beneath a magnificent tree. I studied that tree yesterday, it's every branch and leaf, and i decided i wanted to sketch that tree.
That tree from yesterday is now only a memory, yesterday is being torn down by the tree loppers today.
andru235 burst anew, o epic garden!
in my homeworld, i'm thy warden
terre verde ressurgens
teach us humans to amend!

but on this world i'm sub-average
socially i haven't leverage
so a change i cannot force
this i lament with remorse

garden, you will do just fine
always upwards with your vines
regenerate: you can effect it!
forza natura resurrexit
what's it to you?
who go