andrea acting the fool
looking the fool
playing the fool
wearing his old shirt
and a pair of ragged jeans

turning the corner and
running into him with her
dangling on his arm, with her boobs
hanging, jiggling out of the top of her shirt
muttering surprised hellos

if this were a movie,
glimpses of happier times
would flash across the screen
lingering over extra tender moments of I love you’s
speeding up past the end to where we are now

standing in the supermarket
sharing an awkward moment

I see his eyes pass over the shirt
and I inwardly cringe
now he thinks I’m not over him
dangling, struggling to get past it
but all I really did was unconsciously
put on the first shirt I grabbed out of
the closet, I mean, it’s a Saturday night

copyright 2000
MollyGoLightly Sometimes people tell me about how they cry in the grocery store. Not just a few people. Lots of people. Apparently these is a place where none-too-pleasing things come together. 000522
Brad I watched a movie recently in which a woman cried in a grocery store, then some guy made her "feel better" by taking her out getting drunk and sleeping with her. He didn't tell his wife until later. 000522
emily i just watched that movie too--that whole story line bugged me...i liked that guy's character in the movie up until that point because then he just became an asshole...typical 000523
amorfus yeah, but the part where they stand in the airplane's air-wake and get blown off the runway.. I loved that 000526
tattered remains "i'm all lost
in the supermarket

i can no longer
shop happily..."
miniver We demand food.
We are uberman.
We shop ubermart.

Thank you -- club card, Airmiles.

And, always, Hospital
will save you from yourselves.
WoNDERGIRL jazzy elevator music plays over the supermarket intercom, and i wonder, just for a second, if it's meant to make me wander away from my purpose and into your arms (because that's where i am, you know) 000527
Brad I fell in love today in the supermarket. I fall in love a lot. I fall in love too easily. She was checking my groceries. So very sweet and nice... some people just exude a vibe of warmth and sweetness. 000530
Brad but she's nothing compared to the newest object of my unrealistic affections... hehe. I'm so whacked :P 000620
grendel i hate when that happens, but i know what you mean. 000620
moonshine We have a converted grocery store thats now a church.. 000620
Marjorie My father just went grocery shopping. Apparently he bought $80 worth of groceries, but saved $40 with coupons. He likes grocery shopping.
He says it helps him get his mind off everything that goes on around here.
I can't say that I blame him.
And I don't.
ecko i stand in line
and see her there
and the moment that was mine and safe
in its anonymity
stolen unknowingly
celestias shadow I came in here for a special offer
A guaranteed personality
amy nada longdistance callers make long_dis_tance calls 100403
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