Josh What Lisa would like to be. 981107
leslie speaking of language, I always thought it was interesting and sad that the word in Spanish for "wife" is esposa, and the word for "handcuffs" is esposas. 990610
Zed It takes two to tango. 990611
leslie two handcuffs? 990611
zed Clearly the idea behind handcuffs --
as dancing, in particular, the tango --

is coupling.

Sometimes by choice, sometimes by shotgun.
me? Yesterday my second wife fell in the afternoon
Slipped into hysteria and talked about the moon
Well this was only temporary so the doctor said
So I watched a football game and she went off to bed
Dafremen My wife is pretty much the sun shining on a rainy day. We've been together for 11 years and we've both sh*t on each other enough to know that we love each other. Now we don't fight as much, we just sort of baby each other and then have semi-rough sex instead.

She means the world to me. Hope she never bails on me. If she does, I'm getting a new computer.
Awexander Beetle What I am wiving wight now. 011029
ClairE a good meal.

can be a verb.

will i be one?

can be good.
lady lunchbox someday, if i'm lucky, someone will want me to give it a shot 020201
blown cherry One day,
I know I'll be loved like this again.
Juliet want to meet -- where can we? 040425
romeo On a piece of paper 040426
Mahayana zshena 040427
Fill Hendry Myyyyyyy wife officer? Why she's mulch over there around the spruce and and maple trees, there's a little more of her in the garden, see what she's contributed to pole beans. Before I mixed her in the mulch I could never get a decent yield, NOW look, a small boy named jack or john or something dressed in medieval peasant or urchin garb stopped by the other day and began climbing the bean stalks, he said something about seeing a giant about getting his old wooden shoes back or something. 050216
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