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Christopher Kendalls Pop culture
By Chris Kendalls

Can you explain life to me?
If everything happens for a reason
Why am I supplying my friends with meth?
Junkies they sit in their own feces
The money is better than ecstasy
However, the addicts do not live as long

What I have done for this money
Killing people because they rob our house
Throwing snitches in the river
No hustler wants anyone to know the truth
They will kidnap your children and rape your wife
You think I care about these cowards

Show up at your funeral in Dolce and Gabbana
But it’s a bulletproof vest and a Woolrich coat
When we invade your home over restitution
I don’t even open the safe anymore
I have hackers at the bank withdrawing funds
Trying to live legitimately on my watch?

It’s not the game anymore it’s the greed
You’re better off on that side of the law
I wouldn’t wish anyone a life dying
You’re better off not knowing anything about it
So get it out of your system through your art
what's it to you?
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