sarah ROB IS FUNKY! 981021
Rob you've robbed me of my joy. my happyness. you gave some of it to me for a while, and then you took it back, and pulled out the happyness that I had to begin with. 981021
[marissa] that's his name.
he has big sad browns.
he smells like candles and soap.
like baby powder and canteloupe.
he feels like peach fuzz.
his arms:
blankets in a winter storm.
his smile:
angels circling round.

he circles me.
he's my angel boy.
he's my rob.
Rob Frank new and improved! Now extra bitter! 991122
valis don't rob from people; it's bad.

find out what they don't really want anyway and just borrow it permanently.
jane & when we were finally together our histories were conjoined - i was a little girl again, swimming in a lake or playing basketball with my brother - he was the quiet one in school - maybe he got picked on [who didn't] - we were both trying alcohol for the first time [anything we could find, synthesized in an old water bottle] - it was our first kiss & he wasn't quite sure how a breast felt pressed under a nervous palm - like columbus must have felt "discovering" america - we were both making the love we had waited two years to make - because destiny had us meet - & this moment was our lives crossing in synchronicity so that he could explore my body with eager hands & mouth, & at the same time hold me tight like he had never been able to do before, when we were friends 040428
Jen Sorry I couldn't face your funeral. I visit your grave everyday. I know you come down for me in the rain. I love you. 040912
jane rob lives around the corner and it's getting time to tell him the truth. but then part of me is thinking, well, if he doesn't tell me the truth about how he feels, then i sure as hell dont have an obligation to tell him the truth about who i slept with, because that was a drunken halloween mishap. and no, rob, you're not just a notch on the bedpost, it meant something, and you were the one who rejected me, remember? so don't you tell me to tell the goddamn truth about anything, because you're the one who's been playing mindfuck man games with me this whole time 050129
helly mmmmmmmmmmmmm 050610
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