anchor baby firm sweetness that yeilds to my soft bite 000106
Glory Box Peaches. Peaches are what everyone wants to taste. Every pickup line ever spoken is really just a veiled request. "Can I taste your peach?" 001030
Barrett "Well, ain't that a peach!" 001110
sarpedon peachy 001110
camille would like one right about now...a green one! :o) 001111
camille here's one for you,
"Life's a peach!"
kx21 Different colour, shape, size, taste,
meaning, description ...
coral mmm, so yummy. succulent and sweet...innocent? not quite.
fuzzy quiet.
coral sucullent 010209

if i could have my little way
i'd eat peaches everyday
Castor Troy i could, ahhhh, eat a peach for hours. 010209
ClairE Really love those peaches, wanna shake your tree 011212
lookie here peaches come from a can
they were put there by a man
in a factory downtown
roger waters as i reach for a peach
slide a line down behind a sofa in san tropez
ClairE sun_soaked bulges in the shaaaaaade 011214
Toxic_Kisses Rremember the time you and I ate the peaches your father had brought back
. So dripping of juice were they that I traced it from your elbow to your hand w/ my tongue and than greedily sucked your fingers clean.
KindreDSpirit Do I dare to eat a peach? 020320
lokkust caught by the fuzz 040119
true romance "god damn... she does taste like a peach..." 040120
a thimble in time Her neck smelled of roses
and fresh strawberries

Her cheeks glistened
like the flushing leaves of autumn

And her mouth sparkled
as the heavenly stars above our heads

I watched her lips
plunge into a peach

and then I saw
her teeth sink into
a fleshly fig

I wished then
to be her apple...
and have her bite
into my skin
shivers always remind me of the city of angels 040121
andie a strange dream i had...

every day that summer she came to them in the yard with a golden bottle full of peach juice that gave a punch to virgin lips nestled underneath the trees where no one could see, these boys and she talked of all they knew of expounding on why the reverend in his black rove said that they pinny and pite for those who ridiculed, stole from, or lied to them not until they were older would they fully understand it was meant to be heard as pity and spite - nevertheless -
they were under the leaves and the
golden sun while the boys talked of
how horny they were and begged her to
raise her shirt just a bit to allow
them a glimpse of her peaches with the
sweaty pink tips then she'd lower her
shirt toss her hair back and laugh
shaking her red hair - with roots made
for singing - she always said her face
light and shimmering not showing her
future trade (retail) when dinner time
came and the street lights were on they went to their separate homes stuttered through dinner only still tasting peaches and then collape dizzy on their beds sometimes with immediate sleep and others dreamy of the girl with the peaches --- not knowing she'd be found dead in the creek next summer

copyright 2003
blister bum in the sun ahh to return to the days of peachy-pinky wine coolers and carefree youth. 040202
emmi i like them dipped into salt 060714
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