psyki in the shadow of my sleeping pills
there's a photograph of you
"Ancient Pagan" There is? I'm touched!

But seriously: can you imagine what experiences were suffered by the victims of Titanic? To be on a massive sinking ship in the middle of the algid Atlantic was to 'sink' indeed. I have a strange sense of terror when I stand at harbor's edge and peer at a ship's bottom! Was I a victim of Titanic in a former life?

Here's a question: what are the ways one can sink and is sinking necessarily bad? Can't you sink into bliss? Yes! You can sink into a cumfy sofa, sink into rest, sink out of the system (and into a commune) or sink into a lover's breasts. America needs to sink back into the '60s (minus the war).
girl_jane dive and sink into your insides. There's no need to hold my breath. I'll breathe you in and let you sink into my lungs and travel through my veins.

We will sink into each other until we can't tell which body belongs to me body which belongs to you because we will belong to each other...
girl_janes_correction yikes!

not body should be which body belongs to you...
peppermint i have words
but i just dont get this site
where does it begin
where does it start
whats the use
or just for the heck of it?
what's it to you?
who go