psyki they allow you to breathe.
please be nice to them.
birdmad ~~~ lights up a joint and inhales deeply~~~

june bug my mom's lungs collapsed when i was in kindergarden, i just remember seeing her in the hospitol bed with a tube sticking out her chest, it was horroble 010612
kinkazoid i've always wanted to see my lungs, i think they are prolly black cuz i smoke but im not sure if they are black yet 010612
nocturnal who needs 'em? not me, that's for sure! at least I hope not, otherwise I might be in a bit of a quandry here..... 010613
baby satan scream them out or smoke them away. take your pick. 010613
TalviFatin Mine are going to collapse anyday now. I suffer from a condition where my lungs are slowly collapsing, aveoli by aveoli. Sad considering I'm a vocalist, looking to become an opera singer. I can sing..and everything goes fine...but then when Im not singing, my lungs hurt. Sometimes it feels like I'm having a heart attack...but it's just my lungs giving out on me. It all might be caused by me bashing my ribs against things all the time. 010802
myplasticmind are you scared?

sometimes i close my eyes and pretend i'm inside my lungs looking through them. its amazing how much your lungs see that your eyes never do.
one time i got stuck in my lungs, and i finally was able to cuagh myself back out....
SuicidalAngel Hey Birdman can I get a hit of that?
Next I'll roll a Nug Blunt!
angie my lungs feel like there are harsh chemicals inside them...
what fuckin retards...lets start a chemical fire inside a garage
brilliant i tell u
feeling pretty anti-social
just wanna dance tomororw nite and come home
i dont wanna go to kato
it will be boring...i think
i wanna be home in the morning for my little brothers birthday
is that too much to ask?
apparently so
i cant stand listening to joannas talking god she thinks she knows everything
haha if only she knew
there was black soot stuff in my hair...god that is gross
what a waste of a nite
im tired...
wonderin where u are
just wanna be with u
wonder where u are...
thinkin bout callin
prob. wont tho...u know me
was hoping that u would have somethin for me to read when i got home
oh well
its okay
i miss u
sabbie mine dont work so well

some days they hurt all day long
and one of them, down the bottom, rasps in and out with my breath

and sometimes i have to breath in fast, like ive just hurt myself
or ive had an idea
or im about to speak
and people look at me expectantly with that 'yes?' face
and i have to explain,
no, its ok,

and my lungs coughcoughcough when i do exercise

some days it feels like im wearing a corset
'cept im not.

cmon little lungs
breath in
breath out.

you an me, guys, we'll make it

blue star violated
fondled and mashed with great knobby hands
with dirty fingernails
scraped in moments of animal hunger

my lungs were date raped last night.
lucky I want to be the ooze that crawls into your lungs. I want to squeeze tight around the muscles that give you life. I want to cut off your last breath. I want to choke you. I want to watch you turn blue. I want to hurt you. 040730
somebody "because..your balls are in your lungs..."
"NO they're not!"
pete filled with frozen needles 040802
nom Friday, May 26, 2006

"The largest study of its kind has unexpectedly concluded that smoking marijuana, even regularly and heavily, does not lead to lung cancer."
i can still breathe my lungs have collapsed in the past
scariest thing, drowning in my chair
but not as scary as the pain that kept me awake for three days.
what's it to you?
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