Shar Hootchie shirts just don't look good on small-brested, pot-bellied gals like me. 000721
Becca for a mother to tell a young girl that she looks like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag is a cruel interpretation of this concept 001112
pope john denver II yeh that's pretty harsh. 001112
the end of life in america like that 010219

like if you could want me to explode my insides through my mouth

like if i could be the parachute that saves you from the abyss

like if you had nothing else

hold me,
ClairE I'm supposed to be proud but it makes me a little scared. 011217
Toxic_Kisses ... The reason he was charged w/ Attempted rape. 011217
oren Be proud! 011217
Toxic_Kisses I am, but he's not gettingb the time he SHOULD be getting *Sigh* 011217
Brown well...my drunken roommate snores behind me in a incoherent slumber. he's good people, just a little wet. 011218
ME- Sluts should know that it's something you lack after being with 100 men or strap on impliments 031027
nighean_siofra quiet silence
drip dropping fear
hold on tight
or it might disappear
looming arguements
mere misunderstandings
too much to tell
don't give back my wings
dreams in grey swirls
hidden meanings
passages of left-hand writing
forever cannot last
if we lose the feeling
keep touching
gazing about
don't close in
it would be over too soon...
what's it to you?
who go