me? somewhere in between white and black
hair of the elderly.
eyes so beautiful, crystal clear on a cold day.
heaven never knew it so good.
nameless why is it so sad? 991218
deb i woke up tired this morning
and the world was a hundred
shades of grey
-deep and cool and calming
-i wished it had rained today

it's so inspiring~
thoughts bud quickly
within the furrows of my mind
and i smile by the window
as i spout them upon a silver page
dig dug not gray 000118
MollyEllis I had a high-school friend who chose this as his favorite color.
I hate this color.
see: gray.
m under a blanket of apathy,
stifles breathing

like an expanse of ocean, sky
directionless, infinite
Tiffa Grey. The night my life
and all the day. Shape your soul
in blocks. Black, white - grey.

(Read the Order War series)
moonshine gris gris 000613
ass facely telefoam poles. mail me a bowl of cereal. good morning frozen turd. that's my car- nevermind honey! 001007
daanuh dont think of things as 'black' or 'white'.

Think grey.
misstree people correct my spelling of this to "gray". i like it better with an "e"... seems softer, like if you hit it you wouldn't feel anything. 001223
deb how can something be
the combination
of every colour
the complete lack thereof?
when sun cant shine thru
when your days are rather blue
when life is the pits
and you only know....its this..
sphinxradio ...concrete, walls, my eyes. let's not blend into the walls, it's too sad, and we'll only make ghosts of ourselves. 011104
niska that shade in between the two points of view that doesn't have one. that transparent, undecided, neutral voice, that never chooses for itself, but lets the rest of them decide. or is afraid to.

just happy in the middle. content not to lead, but not to follow either. just there. tell it where to go. this way? yep. ok. that way? yep. wait. no. this way? ok. where ever you go, but only if you say to. don't make a choice or anything. one or the other.

so many shades of grey - every situation different from the last or any more to come up. you cannot apply a set of black and white rules to anything, because of that delicious shade of grey in the middle of life.

reminding you, you could always be wrong. anytime. every day...

Gk green loosened dress
cold eyetears tight stickydry
heavy purfume wind
Gk Of Grey 030814
juni grey the colour of my memories of the past and in the past i remembered the future where this has already happened a long time ago yet it has not happened yet it begins and ends for i have crossed the line of dreams the point of no return a paradox where time loops inward forming perfect glowing bands in in a vast grey world unending where on a stormy day you can see forever across the barren fields of stone and dust of memories you meet yourself then it ends then it begins and this is the way it always has been follow the memory train to the point of no return 031202
bryn grey, that aray of not-colors. Charcoal, and granite, steel and dusk, iron and dove. All these things are a shade of grey, and none look anything the same 040323
jezebell seems so much greyer than gray. 040419
Deomis The world seemed written black and white
All the rules within their place
But now that life is shattered glass
And all becomes as shrounds of mist
Surrounding me in grey.
Distance-|-Calls This has been bugging me for awhile. Whats the difference between "gray" and "grey" ? I personally always spell it "gray", but thats just me... 041209
Zsiga bryn: blathers of gray versus grey. i only knew one bryn in my lifetime and she seems to have disappeared. my life is not gray or grey because of it. i can still be both happy and gay, or actually happy and gey because I am straight. is still wonder about bryn.. 050416
anne-girl infinitely better than gray 050416
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