klairchen I've always wished that I could write a good poem.

Wishing gets me nowhere.
anastacia wished
i could sing
i didn't have skinny legs
i could be invisible and sneak into people's homes and see them do it
i used more than 10%
i could describe "clear" to a blind man
i lived in a huge treehouse
sugar you wish
i wish
we all wished on a star
it fell into
small hands.
florescent light I wish I may, I wish I might

I wish that fight hadn't happened.
I wish she hadn't killed herself.
I wish I could be happier.

I wish I could give my happiness up for the happiness of another.
I wish I could clean like Mary Poppins.

I wish I can catch a star of my own.
I wish to become pure magic.

I wish I had a wish.
johnny west I wish all the people I ever hated would want to fight me so I could beat the shit out of them. 010310
reitoei a mad desire now gone by. whether it has seen the light of day or was wisked away into the ether with the spiraling smoke from the candles of your innocence. 020508
girl_jane I hope his wishes don't come true...I need to leave- 020509
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