me? candles guttering in the wind
orange and yellow turns to blue and black, and finally grey smoke bushy grey ... flies free the essence of the candle escapes and becomes one with the rest of the world... but you can still smell it even after the flame is gone.
old hick Find the other candle. 000217
camille mmmmmmmmm the smell of an echinacea candle.
Smells like the perfume i wear
kim 000712
Aimee I miss taking baths... I would take all 25 of my candles and their various holders and light them around our bathroom, take a book in and just sit and read for hours... just the feeling of the warm water acting like a blanket in the soft lighting made me feel safe. I knew that the flames wouldn't judge me and the water welcomed my body... I miss my bath time. 011009
yes? .......but now you have your boyfriend to make you feel the same. 011009
Toxic_Kisses Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.

...Chinese Proverb
girl_jane my fingers in the flame...
I wish I could dance like that...
marjorie it is okay as long as nobody sets any curtains on fire. 030107
pipedream i love candles. i've a bit of a fire fetish. the last candle i got was a present. it's scented ('moonlit forest') and is in a fabulous frosted glass container with snowflakes on it. i lit it day before and the whole house smelled like an Alpine forest.

candlelight bath-time is the ultimate pamperoo...them, and bath bubbles
girl_jane pipedream-why not combine them-candlelit bubble baths... *le sigh* 030320
chaotica candles are fun 030625
i want to be burned with wax 030626
somebody so do i 030626
i'll do it to you 030626
birdmad memory of a day so hot that the candles in my house slumped over in their holders like wilted flowers 030626
User24 candles are a prism for thought, focusing your otherwise random synapse activity into one area, multiplying it's force, incrementing it's power with every second.

the still flame, it's fire is constantly renewing, yet it's form stays.

the flicker, caused by a breeze that had no intention of affecting the solitary flame, yet still it's presence is felt. understand that your actions have more consequences that you can possibly perceive in a lifetime of contemplation.

how is it that some things affect the flame, yet others do not touch it? music pushes the air to your ears, but does not cause a flicker.

be a flame, hearing the world, but not flickering, for to flicker is to risk extinguishment.

be a flame, changing in substance, yet constant in form.

be a flame, of untold power; to start the greatest fire or to focus the greatest mind.

watch a candle until it dies, and you will see life in it's essence.
User24 wow, that was pretty cool, User24. 031027
notme mmhmm i agree 031027
Death of a Rose that was cool, Mr. 24.

Oh and I can't believe I've never been to this page before.

Self confessed candle nut.
pipedream *joins the club*

can't get enough of candles, now that winter is here i'm gonna go nuts with them because they won't blow out in the fan-wind. YAY!
you roll your socks with the best pipedream

you constantly bring smiles to this face

left you another present @ _ello_deathofarose
pipedream ooo thankyew!

*runs off to see*

(i love surprises)
u24 (... but is extinhuishment actually a word?) 031231
u24 ...rolls eyes... ahem! 031231
cried when she asked me if i plan on being alone for the rest of my life she apologised and said she didn't know it bothered me when grandpa asks what's wrong with the village boys nothing i signed my name on the dotted line i just have too much to do i'd rather not be i don't think i'll ever it's better this way i'll live to be old and grey and it's a relief to not think about all the things that happen to people
and so because i cried they're careful my uncle said to light candles like in europe i said but that could start a fire i don't want to get burnt i don't want a true love i don't want a lover
pansy i've always adored candles
i could look at them
for days
i was free to sit in my room
and watch how my candles were crying
i wanted to cry
with them
but i couldn't
something inside of me
didn't allow me to do this
those few grams of wax were all i had
i heard the candle crying
whenever it gave life to the light
its tears were so big
and they didn't vanished
they remained on a candle
as if a sign
some kind of warning
'do not do this!'
'do not give life to the light because
it hurts so much,
too much'
And i've listened to it
i didn't opened my heart,
my soul to anybody
i was holding myself,
my whole body
tight to the earth
and i didn't allow it to rise up,
beacuse i was afraid i would get lost
but something happened
i could not bear it anymore
i choke back my fears, i wanted
to rest
to lay
my head light and free
from my problems
i wanted to get away
i ran
madly and blindly
but day after day
it was harder
i was closing myself
with some kind of
heaviness on my shoulders
i wanted to stop thinking because it hurt so much
but i couldn't
ans suddenly i realized
candles are grateful to the fire
that it burns them
because it is thanks to it
that they can fully exist
that they are useful
i finally understood
pete sitting here all alone
the darkness that feeds and then goes
noise filling through the doors,
movement that i barerly heard
sitting here in the dark alone.

dappled shade apun a white face
shinning stills of joy tucked away
i hold out my hand,
feeling the world turn again
dappled shade shinning through stills.

here the river flows
over the hills where we go
you lead our silent way,
the night anchors to stay
here where the hill-rivers flow.

our songs reach the deep sky
light sparkling in your eyes
lonely wandering,
hand-in-hand speaking to the stars
our songs reach sparkling lights.

spinning as the final tear falls
water rippling down the river
carried away in the night,
we stand and hold tight
spinning tears rippling down.

and the path goes forth
meandering trails between the trees
tripping over branches,
as the world lurches in sleep
on the path meandering forth.

our minds sit full and awake
movements burn at this stake
holding our crying hearts out,
into the cleasning flames
our minds are burning stakes.

moments freeze like the snow
covered hills lift breeze from below
hidden cabins of truth,
this world struggles through
frozen moments of snow.

tears that fall burning away
candles lit heralding day
the wax litters the floor,
we fall broken and sore
tears end the candles flame.
what's it to you?
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