Stephen To "exist" is not enough.

There is "ence". The essence of existence. What is yours? My search continues... yearly reaching, narrowing, finding, until I know mine.
jo The essence of me
intertwined with the essence of you.
Creating a completeness
that we always knew
awaited our soul's desire.
Only patience could fulfill
this destiny's end.
Now my lover
and always my friend.
distorted tendencies peaceful state of nirvana can be reached fingers entwined in your strakly brilliant golden hair another look it wasn't so golden but had those remnants of pink and blue still in it skin so white it was translucent fingers carefully caressing that softness of skin that was yours sense of smell you smelt wonderfully as a sense of taste was given the midly sweet salty taste of your skin can't describe enough words seem bland and the only way their essence there seething dissipitating if only you could just immerse yourself in my mind painfully longing for this tortured love spell to cease no order chaotic but i like it for all it holds

an essence of messy perfection of my mind of you
coldmeshach The Cheese smell like dog.
I taste like the Poon.
Eat the signs that prohibit my mouth to orgasm.
We are all a Sexy Essence.

Fuck Me Madly.
ferret essence of virtue
what virtue?
which one?
can you
can you see?
john, i do
that you can make it
you can't see after all, those white fuzzies that make you feel so good
well, piss on me
daughter of dreams ---in feeling this longing````
I yearn to end in essence of my desire.
You. Choir boy drug dealer, with your Randy Rhetoric of thoughtless word and merciless indifference.

Pull yourself out of the quicksand of your me and mine my own. What we feel is to be close and to be the same...twin soothing lights in the distance.

Still, more than what I seek in you is what I feel in companions of tender eloquence.

What I know is the essence of you.
If I know this but not further, does that mean I am unable thus to love you?
First to know, then to love.

Proximity is nevertheless a long dark narrow space drawn out between our fears and an impenitrable darkness. Silence can be our only correspondence when my words go unanswered.

Does he care?
Does she care?

I will wait to see. If nothing happens within a year I will take your e-mails and scatter the litter into my file of wounds and scars.

Catharsis of my existence. I only wished I knew you now. I only wish wither to say hello or goodbye.

I love the essence of you either way.
scorpion heart the trophy sits on my desk, the one with the silver soccer ball and around it the special engraving "Captain."
why i was given that title im still not sure. it looks pretty cool there, its the only trophy i've ever really put on display, as i would not want to come to my other friends rooms and be unable to sit for fear of getting rammed in the butt by an award of a baseball player holding a pointy bat.
i go to school everyday without makeup on. one of my guy friends told me that it was very unusual i didnt wear any makeup. my mom told me that same day i needed to learn how to have posture. and how to eat. and how to wear clothes. then she said it would be a fun idea just to send me to a finishing school in switzerland. too bad i don't know how to burp on cue, because that was my signal.
intelligence, and humor, although of the second i sadly have little, are my favorite two aspects of people. I've never seen a gravestone, "Dearest Mother, remembered for her perfect bone structure and long blond hair."
dafremen This is the pedigree of our existence:

That we were conceived of our surroundings
Shaped by the endless cycles of our Creator
Born in the course of Its becoming
Timeless by our reckoning
Immortal by our standards
We are..because It is

The ancient rythm of our collective being
Survives the frequent passing of us each individually
What we were, we are..and will always be
Creation lasts forever

Is this not, in itself, deserving of humility?
The very essence of that which binds us all..
What could be more worthy of our appreciation?
andru235 the essence of everything is ...

aloah grapes, apples, bananas...

beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so they say.
novocainstain essence of opium, makes my skin smell nice 060316
what's it to you?
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