Philifledermaus there is a bat out there, and it has transcended the machine. 000506
sabbie the boy made me up a rhyme
so i could wish on the first bat at night. none of this star bisuness for him! it goes:

bat at night
bat in flight
first bat i see tonight
wish i may
wish i might
have the wish i wish tonight.

we have bats flying over our house every night. in our old house they used to eat from the fig tree and shit on our washing. im sure thats gothic
young pretender a bat flew into my room once. kinda freaked me out. then i had to throw it into the air outside because they can't fly off the ground, or something to that effect. 040119
Fireapple red we can't stop here...this is bat country 040220
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl i like bats, they're really cute.
i want one!!!!
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