silentbob pale skin
odd jewelry
monochrome black wardrobe
sense of melancholy the other kids shun them for
ass facely goth 010101
sabbie ::sobs::
but silentbob, im getting a tan!

not through any fault of my own, but the harsh sunlight where i live fades anything black on the line after 3 hours, and inflicts on people a tan, even after they slather on suncream like ... well, like people who want to be protected from the sun.

does this mean i have to give back my goth membership card, and hand in the long-black-skirt uniform?

::sabbie looks downcast:: well, at least i still have the right expression, even if the skin colour has let me down.
silentbob hahaha
No, sabbie, you certainly don't have to dismember your membership to the Goth Fan Club or anything drastic such as that
thats just a stereotypical goth type kid and doesn't really reflect on whether or not they are "Gothic at heart" if thats at all possible.

i wonder what i am "At Heart."
I am a punk at heart? i am a goth at heart? i am an anarchist at heart? am i an atheist at heart?
or am i just "At Heart"
me at heart.
misstree people are all pieces... terms like this can be used to simplify, or over-simplify... i am a goth, but i am also a hippie, a poet, a gypsy, a geek, a mage, a pothead, a sociologist, and a bitch.

bobby, yer bob, and yer wonderful, whethere you're also a goth or not.
brett a tribe from the dark ages come back to haunt us? or a bunch of kids trying to rebel, unable to see outside the new pop culture they're unwittingly part of? 020703
moocow I think goths are interesting. I can't help but admire the way they dress, especially the ones with neato black makeup dripping from their eyes... wow. 020703
queen of darkness i'm one of those teen goths you're talking about...
the ones who listen to depressing music
and write songs about death and sadness
and wear black
and tonnes of eyeliner
that's me
it doesnt mean i'm always depressed though...
and it doesnt mean i dont have friends
the queen of darkness is my alter ego
my gothic side...
she rules
Death of a Rose Then bare your fangs and let flowers fall. 031011
ferret the roses burn at the touch of the sword 031011
nomatter Mr. Dirty Mouth 031011
Raven Gentlewolf I'm one of those teenaged goths,the ones who get put down alot called fake and the lot,sterioptyped. There is no set gothic standard. I"m Not one fo the Steriotypical "Marylin Manson worshipers","Depressed","Anarchist" and teh like. I never really had a troubled past- Just some very angry thoughts. I enjoied the music (Except for MM....well okay One song), the clothing(Expecially designing your own then wearing it and having people give you odd looks.),aswell as I'm an extreme fanatic of Medival Ages,black,Sharp things,Paeganism(And OTher Religions),and more. So really what i'm saying is-don't put labels on people. the Population is not a bunch of Cambell's soup. 031214
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl ok now i just want to say that liking marilyn manson doesn't make you a stereotypical goth, and i get very angry when people say that, especially if they act as though it is stereotypical.
i like marilyn manson.
i dont think im a stereotypical goth.
maybe i am, but i find it offensive when people at school say that, and now i find somebody saying that being depressed and liking marilyn manson is stereotypical.
im sorry, but i really dislike that generalisation.
I am a teenage goth too, and I haven’t had a troubled past either. However, I think that if you say that there is no set gothic standard then by saying that you ‘aren’t one for the stereotypical marilyn manson worshippers, depressed,’ etc, then you contradict yourself and are setting up a stereotype,

There may be a stereotypical way to view goths, and that might be it, but its not fair to box people up and we should be trying to eradicate the stereotypes and prejudices in the world, not feeding them.
misstree if you don't want to be stereotyped
why do you use a subculture
as part of your very name?

if i walked up to people saying,
"hi, i'm tree, and i'm a goth,"
well, then, how could i expect them
to see me without thinking i should be
a "typical" goth, especially if they don't know
or realize that there is no set of rules, no
"thou shalt not enjoy the daylight and
thou shalt not be perki and
thou shalt (love or hate) the most visible pop figure that seems to share certain qualities with this broad subculture."

(and, i have to note for posterity's sake, that stereotypes become even more meaningless as the peer age goes up; once away from the strongest socializers, aka away from the hell of high school and usually past college, goths really blossom into irrepressible individuality. this place just happens to be heavy with a younger age range. not a bad thing, just a point of perspective.)
MeKoy dont worry if they call you a sterio type your only goth in your heart. besides real people dont need lables. if u like marylan than so be it. dont give a shit what they say. like i sayed your goth in your heart so marylan would be a part of your being a goth! 040208
MeKoy 4 the reord the goths were a tribe that coguired much of Germanie centeriers ago. they wear ancery symbolys, made theme selfs pale, got rid of all there eyebrows, and few only came out at night. 040208
J4n3 3/\/6L158 i have been going to a christian private school for 9 years now, and i have been called weird all my life, that really bothered me as a kid, but now i dont care, people have even taken up saying, she not weird, shes just jane lol, but recently people have also taken up calling me gothic, i do not appreciate this, because i dont consider it to be a bad thing to be gothic, because i find ''gothic styles'' to be quite attractive, but the stereotypical view of goth to them is, a devil worshiper, i am a strong christian, who like s to wear black, is that such a bad thing? i have been asked by just about everyone in my school if i am gothic, we wear uniforms, so i usually reply, what makes me so gothic? do you see me worshiping satan? wearing all black?(i do wear all black, but the uniforms, usually prevent it, but this was a good comeback, even though it was a little hypocritical), do u see me at a CHRISTIAN school? o, and i suppose my rainbow show laces make me even more gothic right? well...that usual puts the person into a state of confusion, just enough to make them leave me alone, they are usually then satisfied to call me goth from across the room, i think about how i am treated, and i am not trying to have a pity party here, but i realize that it is not so much the style itself but that it is a minority of sorts, there are more people who would wear abercrombie and fitch clothing(not that their is anything wrong w/ that)than someone who would wear black lipstick. i guess there really is such a thing as strength in numbers, when ever you hear that phrase, it makes you think of a bunch of small good things going against 1 bigger bad thing. but i realize, that it can go either way, the strength in numbers, those who have come together to be strong together, might not be on the correct really makes you realize, that we live in the real world, good doesnt always prevail. 040313
oldephebe let dead echoes be reborn. to rise out of the black pit, the stygthian murk and take new shape, old laments in new mouths..burning tide of tears gushing out of this passion pyre...let it LET IT be. Let the tender time take hold of the old and new and let the cork screw be ground oh so deeply and deftly..purple symphonies of beethovian infinities pour OUT, pour OUT! upon the new, the reconstituted flesh and let it. (pause, oh yes, quite..a dramatic pause, please feel free to pour in your own grief and tantric sorrow into this lacunae...there..that's it! *smiles brightly*..) Let all the primordial muck of the misbegotten and unhonored things.let them howl, let THEM..HOWLLL!!
Taloned hand gnarled with grief reach into the prideful, obdurate nihilistic heart of modernity and teach them..reach them at their most pathetic and vulnerable and naked core and let every sad note sung into them bleed blackly into life again and writhe like newborn fire maggots out of them..let the endless train writhe out of them..and see how far, how so very far their proud pretty heads fall into their chests...

sorry guys,
DaughteroftheMoon I am goth
I prefer medieval looking clothing
but the majority of it must be black
I am not depressed,
but jaded
hopelessly jaded
my love was stolen away by the pretty silly ones whom i now refer to as the kelpies
and now he makes fun of my dark side
when he encouraged it to flourish.
sorry if this doesnt seem to make sense
daugherofthemoon I go to private school too
i wear no makeup
and the ones who dont know me still ask if i am goth
course they would not know prep if it kicked them in the ass, they think they are just normal.
screw those who call us devil worshipers
and ask us to curse so and so for them
Rock on jane.
i am pagan
my best friend is catholic
and i cannot curse anyone.
once again this may not make sense
DaughteroftheMoon email me people
i need someone to talk to
oE i thought what you shared out of an authentic ache made excellent strong, be strong in idle eyes..ask them when they respond or open their rotting rectum mouths, "is that it? is that all your anemic imaginations can conjure?..ask them "Do you think your words have power to wound me? Do you think you've said something not eminently worthy of being gushed out on toilet paper to be flushed and forgotten forever?" you are are surface and you shimmer and one whisper, with One whisper you (will)fall to shatter. Porcelain princesses."

okay maybe really none of my obviously can speak for yourself..i guess i gotta little carried away....
DaughteroftheMoon its no problem
i like responses
gives me something to read
daughter of the moon if i could write
I would write my heart out
in a work titled:
Requiem for a lost love
betrayal barely begins to describe
the feeling I felt when I realized I had lost him
anger was the first
the second
who loves company, but could find none to relate with.
"For I have sworn thee fair and thought thee bright, thou art as black as hell and as dark as night."
I would have said
If I had not already realized that he had not been lost,
but stolen.
seduced by one,
the kelpie, I now call her.
I know that she will kill his emotions and all that will come back to me is a strange face with the same emotions I now feel.
sorry if this doesnt make sense.
yep still makes sense 040314
oldephebe place your hand upon my heart, and touch nothing, for it does not beat, my eyes are empty alters...once my mouth was filled with fire..once i was gripped by this amost aboriginal reverance, bred to a fate to a design that..above all others on this battleground of the heart, where the carnage of discarded, wrent, unbeating hearts lay strewn..once i thought that this brief transcendance that'd catapaulted me out of this living shell of sheol was worthy of the fall into the sea of chaos into which i would certainly fall after these passion pyres had all but bled out..there was that time when both our bodies writhed in sweat, the holy ardor of complete absolution, the beads of sweated ecstacy hurled into the open vault of heaven like so many meteors racing across the night sky. My fate spoke itself unto me from the edges of your your beatific smile. Something sour and dissonant at the very frayed edge of a beautiful note. Yeah, verily the sky in that brief flickering of your eyes votive flames showed itself as it really would be. Plcae your hand upon my heart, touch nothing, for it does not beat.
oE *something ragged, something sour at the edges of the beautiful notes tone..

*something brittle breaks at the corners of her mouth curved in an almost post-coital smile...

the sky, as always is telling our stories to us...there is something deep within us as it was in those aboriginal contemplations when the cave dwellers with their new wrought flame stepped out from the canopy of stone and beheld the night sky, and hence anthropamorphic ascriptions of divinity upon the natural, observable world..and so yes as i spin these stanzas out from the spindle, i return as all of humankind does eventually to scouring the sky because there is something deep within us that yearns and responds to the cadenses of the cosmos..something that is impelled towards it...
goth wannabe How in the hell do you turn gothic? Is it a major thing now? More than half of my school is gothic I want to turn but don't know how..... Send me tips or info at thanks 040514
grendel you_are_not_your_subculture

how do you interpret "goth" anyway?

different people are gonna give you different answers based on their defeinition and their experiences

1st, if you must, do it because it appeals to you, not simply because everyone else is doing it

(for further explanation of why, listen to the_cure "Jumping Someone Else's Train")

2nd, remember, fledgling goths, if not mindful of their manners tend to be a lot like newcomers to any scene/subculture: they tend to come off as annoying poseurs trying to one-up everyone around them

look at any scene, you'll see what i mean (pardon the rhyme)

you'll hear some variant of "I'm more [goth/indie/emo/punk/hardcore] than you"

it is this sort of thing that makes one understand why in the animal kingdom, some species are of the habit of eating their young

3rd - how diverse is your taste in music as some early "gothic" stuff (again, depending on your definition) has some of its roots in Punk (Bauhaus, Siouxsie_and_the_Banshees , Joy_division , The_Damned etc.)

of course, while i'm always looking for something new to rattle the cobwebs in my skull, my tastes in that genre tend to skew toward that older end of the musical spectrum

some people call Evanesence "gothic" and in a way they are, they're not bad, but i prefer Lacuna Coil if it comes down to a side by side comparison

okay, now that i've rattled on like the creepy old fossil that i am i can only give you this advice:

make up your own mind, it's the best adivice i can give you.
kyuuuuu Tell me a story not combed from the deep dark pit of despair. Tell me something not sad but true. 040520
frozenbananabox I think that if we all have to sink to new depths to redeem ourselves, why does everyone waaaay overdo their makeup? don't you think that's just a *tad* cheesy? I mean, come ON! 040528
phil Seen in churches from the 13th-16th century.
Gothic art began in Northern France and became the universal architectural and sculptural style in Europe.
daughterofthemoon I think Lacuna Coil is more goth than Evanescence, but if you really want to hear goth music go buy a Projekt: The New Face of Goth cd, available at any hot topic. 040529
black feathers ashes and rust yes, Projekt samplers are a definitely good place to start, also the 4-disc "Goth Box" set and the from Cleopatra (1996) is a good foundation

This_Mortal_coil is another good item to hunt for

and if you like your goth with a big crunchy layer of industrial, the Wax Trax records "Black Box" set is worth whatever you pay for it, someone stole mine and since i don't know who, i'll never have the privilege of putting their head on a pike in my front yard
dosquatch Wax Trax Black Box, YES! I have a copy, it is a most excellent set. No, I did not steal yours, my head is currently unavailable for piking. 040601
Nightshade (formerly known as daughterofthemoon) i like that kind of ethereal, flowing, goth music, just not crazy about industrial 040601
nightshade if you want more tips on crossing over,
or just looking for something amusing to read
go to
and remember
"friends dont let friends dress like the crow."
Akashas Child hello 040915
Truma One what bands do goths listen to besides COF Manson NIN and slipknot? 040915
Truma One I mean the ones here blathing 040915
misstree go to live365
do a search for "goth" or "gothic"
it helps if you favor a flavor, such as industrial or techno or ambient or medieval.
the djs thereabouts play a decent amount of more obscure stuff, but heck, that's how tastes expand.
ignore this advice if live365 has been eaten by the musicmoney machine.
misstree and while you're at it, get thee to some haujobb, my life with the thrill kill kult, sister machine gun, legendary pink dots, nick_cave and tom_waits (at the same time, yes, and keep yourself away from sharp things), front242, um, go see cruxshadows in concert (albums are much less entertaining than a fluffyheaded gothboi wandering among a crowd reciting annabell_lee), and if you're a youngling for gawth's sakes familiarize yourself with siouxsie, skinny puppy, bauhaus, and at least one more groundbreaker. and some creatures; siouxsie never stopped being a goddess. and throw away all your evanescence crap right now or i'll come over and beat you with a microphone stand.

okay, so that evanescence thing was personal bias. but the rest are definitely things to sniff for.
sab and while your hunting out haunting kind of dead things to listen too
go find

switchblade_symphony are way pretty

silke bischoff are boys obsessed with photos of naked gothic chicks on their albums AND they have way pretty music

collide was pretty

inkubus sukkubus or however theyre spelling it now is way pretty with a pagany bent

wendy rule is a pagan with a gothic bent who makes beautiful tunes

dead can dance fits the haunting goth bill

big electric cat


for a mix of haunting and grating
Ordo Equium

and for slightly noisier stuff
gravity kills

gitane demon and Diamanda Galas make good stuff, if you like your girls shouty.
which i do

but the two best ways to find out about a bunch of good music is
a) go to clubs and hassle the DJ to tell you the names of the songs they play you that you like. this is where you'll get lots of good-to-dance-to goth [obviously] like rosetta stone, sisters of mercy, the cure, all the base goth bands you can discover, conquer so you'll know, but then go find more.

and b) buy those big goth compliation cds you can get. you'll end up with songs you love and songs you hate, but at least you'll know a good deal more about the music

projekt, as mentioned, does good compliations that are along what you sound liek your looking for
cleopatra is pretty much the biggest goth music label, so they have billions of bands.
if your friends are into it, hassel them into lending you cds
and if you have that kind of computer, download everything you can find to pick and choose

anything with the words, or themes relating to:
or anything built from the words
'mort' or 'necro'
ect are a good start.
for example [listed here for their names and not due to any supposed or actual musical ability or enjoyment]

love is colder than death
black tape for a blue girl
love lies bleeding
two witches
suicidal flowers
theatre of hate
strange boutique
skeletal family
silent scream
sex gang children
andi sex gand
alien sex feind
the posessed
miranda sex garden
mark of cain
kill switch click
Gene Loves Jezebel
the Flowers of Sacrifice
Fields of the Nephilim
Flesh for Lulu
Every New Dead Ghost
Death in June
Christian Death
Children on Stun
Anorexic Dread

and so on.

and now back to work
sab ahems

having said all THAT, dont just limit yourself to gothic bands only, because theres so much other good music out there that the lead singers dont paint their faces and the guitarists dont spend half their time trying to hang themselves with their guitar strings.

dont get into the headspace that you dismiss anything without the required amount of eyeliner on

because, imo, that makes for a boring and insular world.

however, this aint that soapbox
and now, i am REALLY getting back to work
before i get fired for spending way too much company time on gothic bands
mt thass a wise, wise woman right there. you listen to her, y'hear? 040915
sameolme Vandals rule! 040915
god i have infiltrated the goths and am now giving them fashion tips 040916
misstree it is you!!!
yay god! *bouncy bouncy* wasn't sure until i saw the goat_pussy come back to life, but now my faith has been redeemed, and my flavorite diety is indeed at least temporarily gracing us with his majestic irreverence. lurve ya bay-bee!
this piece of inappropriate fluff brought to you by massive amounts of entertainment and not giving a fudge. now get back to yer moping.
gefiltaphish BOY tom waites' gothic?

i always thought he was sepulcral and evanescent...but gothic?

myrrdin It is a very basic term. It could actually mean a numerous amount of things... Describing a form of Eloquence... A form of poeple called the goths during the medeval fudal period A type of 16-17-18 century style of archetecture used mostly in europe... but this day in age, the term is, like long ago used to describe a dark fashion or personality. But how it evolved to become this sort of trait describing the society of darkness is beyond me when this never existed in the first place. I may be considered "goth" in the eyes of society because I wear mostly black and listen to industrial music. I do not really follow any kind of steriotype. I have a very dark personality, which only comes natural with me THAT DOESN'T MAKE ME SOME KIND OF HOMICIDAL FREAK. Really im just a pagan, industrial music listening, black clothes wearing ordinary person. I have my personal belefs and ignore your foolish judgement. 060922
Myrrdin Truma One, Where did you get that name from? I used to use that as an SN and it was another made-up word I used for web taging... ertehrthe is now my new one ..

ertehrthe ertehrthe ertehrthe!!!!!!!
gothic gothic 070609
mr song my most recomended goth bands: qntal, diary of dreams, faith and the muse, unto ashes, persephone, rhea's obsession, corvus corax, helium vola, die form, collide 070609
SOME GOTH BANDS 45 Grave, Alien Sex Fiend, ANGELS AND AGONY, Assemblage 23, The Azoic, Bauhaus, Beborn Beton, BiGod20, The Birthday Massacre, Blackmore's Night, Blutengel, Butterfly Messiah, Cesium_137, The Chameleons, Christian Death, Cinema Strange, CLAN OF XYMOX, Collide, Corvus Corax, Covenant, The Cramps, The Crüxshadows, The Cure, Das Ich, Decoded Feedback, Deine Lakaien, Depeche Mode, Diary of Dreams, The Dreamside, Edge of Dawn, FAITH AND THE MUSE, Faun, Front 242, Front line Assembly, Funker Vogt, God Module, Haujobb, HEADSCAN, Hocico, Icon of Coil, INKUBUS SUKKUBUS, Joy Division, Kmfdm, L'Âme Immortelle, Leaether Strip, Lights of Euphoria, Loreena McKennitt, Melotron, Midnight Syndicate, Neurotic Fish, ohGr, PERSEPHONE, Pride and Fall, Project Pitchfork, Psyclon Nine, QNTAL, Rhea's Obsession, Rotersand, Seabound, Sex Gang Children, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Sisters of Mercy, SITD, Skinny Puppy, SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS, Tactical Sect, Theatre of Tragedy(OLD ONLY), UNTO ASHES, Velvet Acid Christ, Virgin Prunes, VNV NATION, Wumpscut, XP8, Zombie Girl 070911
. Not a bad bloody list. Who is Blackmore's Night and who is Solitary Experiments? They sound interesting. 070912
xevex@aplace4sum Blackmore's Richie Blackmore's would know him as the guitarist from such old bands as Rainbow and Deep Purple...some people like to ranked him beside Paige, Hendrix, and Clapton as a guitar god...I wouldn't go that far, but he is good and knows his craft. 070923
xevex Blackmore's Richie Blackmore's would know him as the guitarist from such old bands as Rainbow and Deep Purple...some people like to ranked him beside Paige, Hendrix, and Clapton as a guitar god...I wouldn't go that far, but he is good and knows his craft. 070923
smurfus rex so much time has passed.

makes me wonder where these writers are now...where they've been...what they've seen...

...are they still goth?
what's it to you?
who go