the stalker the janice the jenny the jezebel
she's the one everyone has forgotten think she has it all she'll never get what she wanted
flower sporps stay alive 010701
flower will you be there when I return? 010701
remember? will you be there?
in the end
I will see
you will be
don't you like
what it feels like?
so small
i crush you
like my beetle
with the strength of the stars
in his little finger
am more than you
am so much more
my jezebel
my janice
my jenny
remember? my flower 010701
gone all in one day could never find useless so obviously unremarkable but I don't need to be riveting I don't need to be you I never needed anything at all your fault made us all believe in you and let down more than I could have ever how does it feel? good? we hope so, i hope so we all you hate hope so

gone you will see and you will be regret regret regret and we will never come back and you will see and we will be and you will never come with us we you are left behind sorry goodbye my jezebel whore slut slut slut with the frozen heart why did you want to be this why do you want to be something you've thought you were supposed to be but deep inside know you really aren't
stop thinking stop convincing yourself of everything, stop it stop it or it will be too late

stop making yourself believe we've seen it all we see through you now please don't let that scare you stop being this be you you are the only enemy you will ever have kill you borders your concrete walls or you will never be happy ever were you ever happy? I told you one night in the shower you were so pretty without any makeup on why didn't you believe me? was I that good in your dreams?

I never lived up did I?
when I was supposed to?
please forgive me my flower I was way too young and alone and immature and foolish you will never see me again I'm sorry this had to be now and not in ten years twenty years will you be sad? I can't remember I can't remember
poe Johnny, angry Johnny - this is Jezebel in Hell...

I wanna kill you.

I wanna blow you -

johnny west You wanna kill me? 010701
poe yes. yes I do. you know how my little ditty goes. 010701
Raina I swear if I could change, I would. 010702
birdmad listening to Sade (greatest hits) what a belle 010702
black-dyed gel product good ole KMFDM
juke joint jezebel
ellen cherry charles Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins. 020106
User24 ~behind the clouds, the sun is always shining~

gene loves jezebel
jane i always thought deep down i was a jezebel 030708
ItGirl I would be your trolop, your strumpet, your harlot, your painted jezebel. I would be your slut, your tramp, your ho. I would be everything you say I am, if only you would love me. 030708
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