lokkust fish

this is fun! pop


black-dyed gel product sorry, i don't do drugs. just weed. 010630
Casey me 010630
angela So blow ye winds westerly
Westerly blow
I'm bound for the southward
So steady she goes
--folk song
jeff beck by blow 011119
piercedjenny fingers wrapped in my hair
your lips urgently meeting mine as i open my mouth to you.
i open my eyes as we kiss and you are already staring at me.
i nibble your lower lip and you whisper
"blow me.. blow me now"
i think they are the sweetest sexiest words you could have said to me.
Continuous Light after that first line
i felt like i could conquer anyone
so i made myself shine, naked
and you pulled me down, unashamed
i came to you with purity
you smiled like that was so amusing
you have more surety than any man i've
so i let your fingers roam my body
and let you run your tongue into places
that were too long forgotten
all traces of that good girl gone
i've wanted you to see this part of me for so long
i needed you to feel your way in
so ready to really get this thing started
we didn't even begin this ride
it'll be a long night, long drive.
.blekk.tchynah.dol. blow that light bulb out baby lah
sing me a siren
blow the hammer into my spleen
ill be the only one blown away by it all
its okay to blow me a kiss goodbye when youre singing me a love song
ill accept it all before i blow myself up.
poetic_onslaught pretty good movie. nothing compared to "Scarface" though 020520
iamawickedchild johnny depp is a sexy beast.

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