inferiority_complex the fates gave me purity, so that i could give it to you

i dont like to think about what they took for it, but they made sure that i wouldn't stop

you have to let me give it to you, you have to

i can't stand keeping it by myself
fairydust what do you think i look like inside?
is there some physical component to show me how pure or unpure i am?
am i staind by only the things i meant to do or just purely the facts?
are there exceptions?
misstree simplification.
removal of excess
to concentrate the vital,
consecrate the vessel
against careless spills,
remember reverence,
remember quiet
and kindness
and peace.

it is a fast of seventeen days,
of myriad colors
shut out with kind smile and
"please call again later,
the mistress is in repose."

some will slink off to another,
unattached, impatient.
some will rage for entry,
favored tastes denied.
some will accept
and understand.

but until all have exited,
until excess is drained,
i will be unable to touch
empty spirit,
meg life needs purity.

free from that which changes us.

ill be myself. for now and forever.

purify the heart. the mind. the body.

purifying my soul.
demonic propheter a non existant thing to be pure means everything we can't be humans are tainted as soon as there touched by the docter delivering them god is made of a pure good energy whilst people arent atoning isn't enough but when you die and get judged fates doors alow no more choice yet being pure would be possible when the abyss known as earth is finally elimininated with the oblivion we created with our impurity 041112
prophetic Life And so it would seem
had The Word not intervened
and the truth be known
and the light was shined
which showed the way
out of this place
Toward the Open Door
for goodness' sake
The heirs of the kingdom
are the kings
and the priests
and the prophets
And the atonement is made
once and for all
by The Highest Priest
who sacrificed Himself
once and for all
once then and all forever
which Pleased the Father
and set us free
from the contamination
and impurtiy infecting
this world so now all
The Father sees is the Deed
enshrouded by the Light
Covered by the Blood
of the Lion and the Lamb
Whose Name is above All Names
And to whom every knee shall bow
whether here and now or in heaven
King of all kings LORD of all lords
Holy One Savior Jesus Christ
Thats Right and silence
You shall weave no more lies
because the one you hide in
knows the truth and knows



somerandomguy the other day i had a kick in the nuts wake up. i actually get them all the time. i start thinking i'm all wise and shit, then i talk to some "deep" guy and i'm like wow i was an idiot for thinking i knew anything.

i remember the first time it happened. i was out surfing an incredible swell. hurricane fabian swell to be exact. i paddeled out feeling pretty good, and ready to rip it up. i was feeling rather full of myself, now i look back on it. so i was floating in the lineup waiting for a wave, and i looked around at the other 7 or so guys who were out there. and i saw this one man looking at me.

he had long scraggly hair that had obviously seen saltwater many many times. his face was that of an old weather worn and hardened man, one who is outside more often than not. he had these deep blue eyes, one had a cataract in it, this white patch that covered half one his right eye. he sat on an old worn out surfboard.

he looked me right in the eyes, and smiled. he looked directly at me, not just a galnce around kinda look, but a look like he saw something and was focusing on me. diliberate. he didn't say a word, just gave me this small, barely noticable smile. in those eyes i saw everything i wished i could be. i saw the sadnness and knowledge and wisdom of a man who had seen the world, and then some. in that smile i saw pure kindness, and goodness, and soul. it was the purest man i have ever met.

in that one instant, i felt every bit of self centeredness and cockyness just disappear altogether. i have never felt such a draining of all corrupt characteristics in my life. i was like a giant vaccuum just sucked it all out of me. i knew this man was a thousand times greater than me in everyway. he had exerienced far more than i had, and was far purer and had more good and more sould and depth than anyone. i smiled back, and spent the rest of the day riding the best waves of my life.

i tried to focus on riding waves, and not snapping my neck on the shallow bottom. but in the back of my mind, there was that man. i couldnt stop thinking about that man. the soul and depth i saw in his eyes, and how humbled i had become upon looking into his eyes. why?

after the session, i looked out at the lineup, across the beach, and across the parking lot, but the man was no where to be seen. he must have snuck off in the silent way soul surfers tend to get around.

the more i think about that man, the more curious i grow. the man changed me quite a bit, and i wont ever forget him.

i have been surfing this lcation for 18 years now. which corresponds to my entire life. never have i seen than man before. maybe he wasn't a local, but on days like that on that beach and at that time of year, it is almost always strictly locals. and he was not one.

i want to see that man again, and i want to thank him.

the next a swell like that shows up, i will return to that beach and try to find that man. when i do, i will thank him.
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