silentbob alike 031217
notme fine 031217
Death of a Rose refined 031218
From one perfect lick to a bitter-sweet taste, my you're so beautiful dressed in Irony.

But we have somewhere, unlike nowhere,
that breeds fantasy and thrives on impurity.

Where did we lose ourselves?
When we swallowed our pride,
for it was elegantly sufficient
don't you think?

And so we defy,
and keep on defying,
anything but the impulse right?
And so we lie, lucid and thirsty, savouring the salt in our very own blood.
grendel expensive, expansive, occasionally perverse 031218
frd Why wouldn't someone want to at least taste the tastes of different cultures? I think that eating should be more than just the act of replenishing your body's fuel supply. Why not make it all it can be? Maybe that's why I have a problem keeping from becoming overweight, but isn't it interesting that it's usually the ones who don't want to experiment with different tastes who end up being obese. 040622
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