kerry for so many things
waking up is so hard when your dreams were so much better than your real life. like when i dream i'm kissing him and then wake up half-believing it's real, having to cope with the fact that it's something made up in my head, now that is tough.
i thought i'd be able to escape this over the summer, maybe it would go away completely, but as long as i don't see him i can't find ways to convince myself not to be in love with him. so it just throbs and gets worse.
unhinged i want a margharita; the pre-made strawberry ones from chi-chi's are good or lime mix with vodka instead of rum or tequila is good. mmmmmmm. i'm trying to give up weed but i'm afraid i might just end up replacing it with something else. my 21st birthday is right around the corner. 021005
Rachel for God's truth 040325
Just a thought thirsty for the taste of her lips on mine
thirsty for the feel of her body
Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink
what's it to you?
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