psyki tickle my armpits
with your feathery tongue
sing me a love song
that has never been sung
polish the hanger
on which i am hung
tell me you love me
with all of your lung
jennifer we sat there in the truck and you said it wasn't me. it wasn't me it was them and that was why it's okay that we were kissing. and we were kissing for my first time. 000319
quinceye Lips without tongues cannot a memorable kiss make. 000327
silentbob bullshit. the first kiss i ever recieved was in a dark passionate hallway. it was all lips, it was very breif and my life was changed forever after that. 000608
valis dont let 'em kid you.
the kisses are what you remember,
the rest that comes after is only window dressing ...
starkissed once you've had it you only crave it more...
the first person i kissed wasn't desireable until that point...and they will forever be my first kiss and true desire
startfires maybe there's something wrong with me but i think it's kind of boring. i think about something else or listen to the song that's on the stereo....."put her on the guest list at the show and now i get to watch her dance like the other weirdos do, oh oh-oh-oh-oh." 001202
kate the thing is, i think i could just stay there for too long and then i just start a tiny rip that becomes a problem later, because, i, me, the wordgirl herself, cannot explain what i am feeling and girls keep throwing to me. 001202
micro kissing her. wanting her. could we ever be back together? i dream of her lips. i dream of her. i dream. 010313
Tank he says he loves the way i kiss, which is rather handy, since i only ever want to kiss him... 010313
nocturnal I wish I was kissing him right now. I wish I could kiss him just once. but that is an absolutely insane idea for so many reasons I cannot even begin to count them. 010313
mikey reasons to not do something are like climbing a know you can do it you just have to take the first step.

often reasons become excuses.

and excuses are like assholes we all got one.

we are all cracked.
unhinged sometimes my toungue just
to be kissing you
psychobabe god kissing is like a drug. Once you have a taste, you WANT more and more! just cuz the first kiss makes or breaks your perception on the whole thing. My first was greaaaaaat. So therefore i feel like i want it more and more. 010428
Gillian the first time is a little akward (at least mine was) then the second was a little easier and then it just gets funner and funner untill you can kiss someone fer an hour n a half strait without stopping. its funnest of course though when the guy is good at it and dont choke you with his tongue that sucks especially when you start gagging like when you used to stick your finger down your throat in grade school that sucks.but other than that oh my god any teenage girl who hasent made out with a guy fer more that 20 minutes at a time (a good kisser i mean of course) is missing out on the funnest 20 minutes you can have. im pretty sure it burns off calories too. HA 010608
abraham lincoln Kissing sucks 'cause it eventually ends. 010801
psychobabe very true 010823
silentbob psychobabe doesnt email me anymore. 010823
volatile life sucks 'cause it eventually ends
beer sucks 'cause it eventually ends
pain is good, 'cause it eventually ends
psychobabe silentbob i'm sorry i dont know your e-mail if you want me to i'll talk to you more:) heh seeing you that night at the 24 hour relay was awesome! i hadnt seen you in so long :D 011006
Syrope Pride can stand a thousand trials,
The strong will never fall
But watching stars without you,
My soul cries.
Heaving heart is full of pain,
Oh, oh, the aching.
'Cause I'm kissing you, oh.
I'm kissing you.
Touch me deep, pure, and true,
Give to me forever
'Cause I'm kissing you, oh.
I'm kissing you.
Where are you now?
Where are you now?
'Cause I'm kissing you.
I'm kissing you, oh.

--Kissing You by Des'ree
this song makes me cry :'(
yummyC yeaaaah.....

according to this cute little quiz I took, my kissing style is "playful"
which it is.
And I guess thats really all I have to say.
KindreDSpirit She had made a new friend
and she disappeared
leaving me with strange men
who liked my long hair
and my younger face
who liked that I was there
to travel faraway lands
and believe in dragons
and share their loneliness
if only for a day

i smiled nervously
and pitied them
(yet knowing full well
that i almost belonged)

Suddenly she had returned
her hair a coy curtain
darkly veiling her eyes
and we departed at last
with wizards and warriors
waving farewell
but when I asked where she'd been
her lips formed a wise smile
and would only say softly that
kissing is fun

and i stared in wonder
because i saw in her eyes
she'd now set foot on worlds
i'd only imagined
eklektic the one that almost happened, right below my left ear. i felt your breath. i closed my eyes and loved our lack of contact. 020330
AluminumPlate Can be a beautiful thing with a beautiful person. 020330
jessica fletcher in front of everyone......
they despise it. i love it. fun
werewolf the only time us normal folk approach the eloquence of shakespeare or einstein. 020517
werewolf in the dark, with no one else around, we can both be geniuses, we can make the world our own, and finally stop having to talk because the passionate peace all of our words seem to strive for, the action they in their subtle inaction seek is us, we no longer have to speak words because we are them, directly on the lips of one another, all of the long winding mazes and mediators gone in a sudden shift, in the darkness, in a leaning, in the eyes, in a breath taken deeply and a mouth shared. 020517
dallas mmm! ive never kissed a werewolf but after that....!! what i like is while we kiss the rest of our bodies find and tune and march in tune!! whooooooiiee!! 020518
dallas [correction] mmm! ive never kissed a werewolf but after that....!! what i like is while we kiss the rest of our bodies find each other and march in tune!! whooooooiiee!! 020518
girl_jane After having this conversation, I'm promising myself to never make out with a person who means nothing to me.




That means you...don't ask me again
werewolf totally, utterly 020529
blamethesky because i like to, that's why i kissed back. i didn't realize how much you like me. i'm sorry. 020530
they do it all the time into the air 020530
jessica fletcher soft and warm. i remember for one second just what is was like before we fucked. and it breaks my heart that this is what we have decomposed to. where is the passion in stabbing me with your dick?and why the fuck do i enjoy it? 020707
AAM Its a shame, really. A grown woman kissing her hand in the dark trying to duplicate his kiss. Even worse is that it provides some temporary comfort if she closes her eyes and forgets where she is..

'it's easy, kiss him as if you're a little bit thirsty'
devalis I think I've kissed 5 people in my lifetime... and none of them counted until Sean.

Sean's kiss was perfect, the exact right amounts of passion and intensity, love and tongue. And his tongue is immaculate.

His kisses were chocolate
wrapped in skin
warm and palpable
and sweet and savory.

that's what he called me, savory. after a while he changed it to decadence. it was more sinful and so much more accurate.
~gez~ i was in the park. i have a stupid friend called zubair throwing bits of bark at my back. some kevvy idiots shouting "whoo how far you going to go man" and the person i love most in my arms. it was dark and i should have suggested to her that we find a quite spot. my initiative didnt kick in though. mistakes and regrets will haunt me forever. actually, it was still nice 020826
*nat* today i experienced the most intense and enjoyable kiss of my life.with the person i love, he turn by head to face him and nothing could stop us. heaven. 020827
blown cherry madly in the car while we were stopped at a red light.
The car behind us beeped, so he stuck his finger up at them.
I turn back and look at the traffic, but the lights are still red, his lips are still wet, and I still crave him like oxygen.

I don't need the world when I've got him.
frustrated is it so much to ask for just one good kiss?


bad kissers are just... attracted to my lips. gak.
just Syrope!
i had my most magical kiss while the song kissing you was being played.
i will NEVER forget it,
thank you for reminding me
Syrope hehe anytime :)

i played it once while a guy i was seeing was over, and he asked if he was supposed to kiss me because of the song. guys just don't understand.
it was a shallow ocean
it was a very blue sky
they're not too wide to get around
given the old school try
and you must have had
nothing better to do

I've been kissing my cigarette
wishing it was you

true, you gave me the moon
and the silver stars
they float outside the window
of this tedious bar
and just like their master
they just drift in the blue

I've been kissing the bottle
wishing it was you

so, gibraltar has tumbled
the world came to an end
and the joke was on me
you're not even my friend
but with all my new lovers
(and there've been twenty-two)

I've been kissing the mirror
wishing it was you
wishing it was you
wishing it was you
Nathan88 supposedley the way it is most comfortable for a person to hold their head is what hand is most im comfortable to the left but i am right handed...going to the right makes my neck feel all weird..kinda strange...supposedly it also has somethig to do with how u were curled up in the womb...supposedley... 030219
Marcie Millon i remember for one second just what it was like on our first kiss. i can still taste your lips placed on top of mines, so sweet,warm and soft, the passion, intensity, love. drive me wild make me want you even more. its like a drug i tried once then begged for more and more. taking hold of my bottom lip with your teeth and pulling, tugging, ohh how i love it when you do it. what is it that you've got that makes me want more? could it be your lips so soft and sweet, your hands, your smile? what? what is it? Your heart? No No it is your love for me the way you look into my eyes as if im the only one you can see the one that can make you just fine the way you whisper in my ear I love you. 030317
B.A.Dorman I had never kissed until I kissed you 030323
B.A.Dorman I have kissed.
But I had never really kissed until I kissed you
Amithyst Sey Blade let it be sweet...
let it be soft...
my first kiss
endless desire i think i can say that i never trully kissed until i kissed you
because i had never kissed anyone who meant a thing in the world to me
never kissed the same person twice until i met you
and i never did stop kissing you.
im still kissing you right now.
and i think i shall be kissing you forever.
endless desire sometimes_i_wish_people_would_just_be_spontaneous 030605
minnesota_chris sometimes I wish people would spontaneously do exactly what I want them to do, and have an attractive odor and style while doing it, and be cleanshaven as well 030606
shivers never kissed, waiting patiently
open arms and open heart
waiting for you to see me
tender and soft
slow at first
i see it now, how you feel
you truely love her
its not a game nemore
but thats ok
i can wait
Queen of the Wrench My first kiss. He had helped me get through some rough times. He invited me to his house to watch a movie. We ended up making out. He tickled me. I grabbed his hand and said, "I won." He kissed me and said, "No, I won." He told me that he will always be there for me.
But things were going so well with HER.
He said he doesn't regret kissing me.
I don't belive him.
CHRISTINA* kissing is love. love is kissing, kissing is a part of love a part of love is kissing, the first will stay with you forever just like anything else you do for the first time. kissing is wonderful, yet wonderfully painful at the same time, kissing is a passionate game with no rules at all unless you make them up your self. kissing is magic. 040206
stupid slut i hate kissing. i like sex. 040206
Novice The one that didn't happen...would of been my first. Maybe if I wasn't falling asleep on you, I wouldn't of jumped and ran jump the stairs. Too bad, I'll probably never do it now 040311
BitterSweetDream First Kiss.

Kissing Y.O.U

Everyone has a memory of that.

I will never forget mine.
Staind_And_Souless You wish you could forget kissing me. you have moved on. I haven't 041025
BitterSweetDream I apologise. Shall I wipe the memory from my brain, as you wipe my taste from your mouth. 041025
BitterSweetDream I apologise. Shall I wipe the memory from my brain, as you wipe my taste from your mouth. 041025
Staind_And_Souless If It was that easy, I wouldn't think about you all the time. 041025
oblivion I won't be forgetting your kiss
I never should have kissed you at all...
ilovemycons Kissing the disease away.
I feel the air descend on my cheek.
The blessed brush of satin.
And the velvety touch of tenderness.
shilohlives yumm... 041119
hsg is beautiful 080626
unhinged IS beautiful; my favorite physical interaction.

something i don't get to do nearly enough, along with hugging and cuddling.

the only ones worth mentioning in recent memory were about 15 months ago. i've kissed other boys since then, but they seemed empty, meaningless. for hours, we fed each other our love.


and when i last saw you, i wanted to. just reach out and kiss you. but kisses were tainted to me still. too close, too soon, a violent reminder. you do not belong in those memories of which there are way too many. you, you are in a special place were all my girlish dreams still live, covered and dirty.
yoink i wish you were someone else, and that someone else was talking about me

(not saying there's anything wrong with you, i'm just trying to project the beauty of what you said to my own situation...because i'm lame and lonely since the whole breakup thing)
unhinged i've been lame and lonely ever since the whole break_up thing for five years running 080628
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