caite what? no blather on tickle? hahaheeheehoho 001113
Effingham Fish On January 9th, it "plays in a whole new way".

Know what I'm thinking? Fire ants.
Norm Please don't tickle me. I am ridiculously ticklish and I don't like to be tickled. I've an involuntary reaction of hitting people when they tickle me. I do have slight restraint, but only slight. 011103
Norm Last Saturday one of the girls I was messing around with was tickling me by accident. It was bad times, I got so frustrated. Just imagine being held down so you couldn't move and you could barely talk. I gotta be in control thats why it scares me. 011211
girl_jane The lady_bug on my hand is tickling me. It doesn't have any spots except for two tiny, very very faint ones on the very sides of his wings. 020416
silentbob there need to be more girls like you 020416
the unticklish becclebee the air around one of my friends is ticklish 020428
blown cherry Ugh, I spent the first six months of knowing Tristan fending off his tickles, until finally, one day in maths, he started tickling me and I got fed up enough to move to a different desk and ignore him for the rest of the day.
At least it worked.

Then on Friday night I wathced him pull out the old ticling fingers for Sharon, who proved to have a much lower tolerance of inane stupidity than I ;)


We were in the car, I think I was wearing this jacket, but your fingers found their way beneath it.
And lo! The magic rib was discovered! :)
I couldn't find enough time to breathe once he started on that rib.
her royal highness the quirk i haven't laughed that hard in so long. so even though i protested like hell, i still enjoyed it. you're sweet. :-) 040320
Wade So it's my experience that when women find out that one of their male friends is ticklish, their first impulse is to gang up on him and reduce him to a squirming, hysterical, begging, giggling heap. Is it something inherently female, this tendency, or do I just have sadistic friends? 040321
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