dallas I am always in complete and total control. And I like you. 990205
Rainer The only thing you can be in full control of is you yourself.
But what if you aren't?
daxle are you ever? what makes us do what we do? it's our past, it's our environment, it's our dna, it's our molecules. Our thoughts aren't randomly generated. Cause and effect... 990426
ceorl even the illusion of control is temporary

like skiing down an avalanche

a moment's loss of focus

and Whummph!
kod ground control this is major tomorrow we will go to the lighthouse if it is nice, yes, nice 990604
s not control, but the illusion of control. we are rarely in control. we just like to think that we are. 990807
ateam control and misinformation, the building blocks of any successful goverment. 990813
hahaha (new reformed anarchist) we have plenty of none of it 000119
Verdulum A false feeling; we are but mere pawns struggling to control ourselves and those around us. Who really is in control? The rich, the powerful, and certainly not me. Lack of control? no. Lack of power? yes. 000221
t what one finally does when one sees the way things really are, and no longer attempts to change them. 000509
marina so I lost control. but I regained it in a flip of the wrist and a tug of the thigh. 000509
aschool Who is in contol? We are not in control.
How do we gain control? That is the answer to the question as we are not in direct control of any thing that happens to us as we are influenced in every thing we do by those in control? Who is in control?

Too many questions, so complex, so few answers.
gwyllynne we toss the dice in this endless round when we have already forgotten the rules or were never even told which way to go or who to see.....and we smile and laugh at our so called fortune thinking we have gained control 000716
outerlayerplus Anyone who thinks they don't have control is usually afraid of being alive. That's just what I think. 000808
outerlayerplus People who think they don't have control are usually afraid of being alive. 000808
l_u_x i lose control when i can't get enough fresh oxygen. 000809
claudia what is all this control talk? it's fun to pretend that we have control over ourselves and our lives. but it's even more fun to sit back and realize that we have no say in what happens. so we sleep and our life continues on in the hands of others. it's nothing different, because that's what we live with regardless of our efforts. no control. this way though, we feel well rested. 000809
Wayne you can't control things but you can manage them
we're like a little boat floating on the ocean
we may bounce around but all we have to do is ride above the waves and stay afloat
sarpedon It is easy to pretend we don't have control
Hey, it's not my fault
I was born this way
She made me do it
Everyone else is doing it
Where in fact
Control lies within

It's just easier
To go on living life
Without any regrets
Without any real cares
Knowing that you're not the one
Who caused any of this
You are just a participant
In a game where you are played

It hurts to take control
To direct your life for yourself
To admit that you may be to blame
You may not have total control
But to a great extent you do

I still try to believe
That my problems are not my problems
But in the end
I'm talking only to myself
amy poke poke poke 000906
Rhin is what you have lost,
and what i now have.
Rhin sometimes i think i place too much importance on maintaining control.

control - is not always a good thing.

"it all - it all revolved around having complete control. why or where it came from, i don't know." J. Dahmer, 1991 January

i ask you, where does your desire for control come from? for that matter, where does mine come from? that unexplainable desire for it, that can sometimes get us into so much trouble.
Barrett LIES!
barnaclebill I've found that people who are real control freaks, Become the best submisive Bottoms. They truly love and lust after that loss of contol.That burning uncertainty between pain and pleasure. 001116
vampers control me for i can't control myself 010325
Chrity go to:
monde it turns me on
both to have it myself
to have it used on me

if that ain't a paradox
dunno what is

the whole world is a never ending moebius-strip daisychain of control

you have so much that you influence
or that you own, or that you

and then, someone or something has control of you, among other things/people

and that person or thing is under
yet a larger control

yet somehow I know it must come around
full circle

i just go ahead and let myself be excited by getting control
and having it used on me
without taking it seriously.

dB He who can destroy a thing, controls a thing.
I am always in control. No instance or person can be assured that they control me.
In the end, I always win.
monde s/he who can destroy a thing has one KIND of control over a thing. it is called "coercion".

coercion is not total control, though it may have a strong illusion of being that way.

all the control in coercion must be continuously externally enforced. the controlled entity can - & likely will - leap away from your control as fast as he/she/it possibly is able, the nanosecond a chance to do so chances to occur.

s/he who can fascinate, who can enrapture, who can influence, who can inspire devotion or pure trust in the controlled - that control is TOTAL. It is called persuasion.

the persuaded enjoys, desires, or at the very least trusts the one who exerts the control...and needs no cages, shackles or bonds. the controlled believes in their free will, but having been eroded by meticulous application of persuasion, it becomes virtually nonexistent.

and what's more, coercion tends to be ugly, whereas persuasion makes everyone happy - at least for a while.
god or is it "aunts"? 010518
Devilsquishy Ok... so when exactly was it that I let you go?
When did I decide it was too much for me.
You come with pleasing words and gestures..
A promise of a new tomorrow, a better future..
When all along you know you can't be contained.
I fought for you, I even once believed you were mine... (These foolish Idle thoughts.)
Then I saw what you were capable of..
All those people who believe that together they can attain you completely.
I knew better... I don't need you.. I'm just like you and I will not let you have me, anymore than I can have you... control...
hum if you've ever been controlled, you know just what i speak of.
you know when you're afraid you'll feel stupid? someone's controlling you. legs and bread.mustard
tonya he does a dance 020426
silentbob a new weezer song

take control
lobsterman mutiny needs a captain.

all i mean is...can we negotiate? can't we?
blown cherry I've been hijacked.
Control of my moods,
control of my sense of worth,
were taken from me at knife point.

With the blade pressed against my breast,
slowly it pierced my heart
and there I stood,
motionless as the first drop of blood
splashed to the ground.

Too scared, too afraid,
to attempt to regain control.
The risks are too great,
the stakes too high.

But maybe I like to live dangerously,
living in despair.

Maybe it is me who is holding the knife.
phil I dropped the spoon in the sugar and I can't find the hole

I am in heaven with the devil and I can't sell my soul

somebody wrote something I knew I had to know

My feet aren't working and I fell on the floor

nobody came around to help me when the fire turned pale

I woke up in a room that I hadn't seen at all

I wander down the halls wondering when I'm coming home

I hear a song playing and something they said

reminds me what I'm thinking of how I was dead

woke up in a coma woke up in my home

shattered pictures bleeding hands no connection

woke up in a coma woke up in my home
*silent screams My mind is filled with thoughts that are beyond my control, do i try to hold back the ocean and push u outta my life, or do i give in to this new feeling and let it consume me? 021206
liquid silver yes please... 021206
Perspective_of_Soul Having it, wanting it, being in it.
I am missing all those things right now.
*silent screams I no longer hold any control over my control every up and have the power to make me smile or make me cry, whatever you choose.
I don't like people having control over me. I can't take it sometimes. I love you, I will always love you...but I'm honestly begging you...don't drag me under where I can't stand to be...
Don't hold the reins for too long...from the bottom of my heart..your killing me
tortuous control

left entirely in your hands
you corroded my heart and left me in the rain

thank you
you made me who i am

you taught me how to hide
you taught me how to ignore the truth
you taught me how to hate
and you taught me how to live
to live without fear
to live without pain
to live without you

thank you amanda
endless desire slips and squirms. 030820
ferret ahhh no! control it! no! ahhh! 030821
oldephebe monde -

That was brilliant!
oldephebe AGAIN


jezabel agreed, though i would more state that persuasion makes everyone -believe- they are happy. 030821
oldephebe yes! yes! a critical and yet oft overlooked distinction - nicely done 030821
niska oh yeah - i lost this someplace in my teens. 030916
counterentity i used to think i had it. and yet my face is like a transparent window to my thoughts. 030916
a girl with nothing to say we realy have no control over our lives no control over what we do the choices we make or anything realy 031017
stork daddy you mean you really couldn't of refrained from telling everyone that as if it made a difference? i mean you had to blathe that? 031017
whose tongue is in my cheek this time? of course, because there is no such thing as pure chance, so not only was that blathe predetermined, but your and my response were as well, and if you had decided to be ornery and make yourself a sandwich just to prove lackofchance wrong, well, that would have been predetermined too. 031017
stork daddy it was also predetermined that you responded this way and that i knew you'd just remake the same point i made in responding to you and that it wouldn't really matter you were going to think that way anyways. but umm...determined by what exactly? by pre? 031017
stork daddy and of course though technically not applicable to the macroscopic world. quantum mechanics shows that pure chance does exist at least in a probabilistic sense. however, there is no prediction of it as of yet by our limited faculties. 031017
misstree expand on that last one if you don't mind? i'm assembling my knowledge of quantum theory piecemeal (as is, i think, the rest of the world). 031017
stork daddy i really don't think i'm the best to explain it, however, they found in experiments with photons that whether or not it acts as a wave or a particle depends on the observer and the type of measurement used. anyways, the motion of the particles and the collapse of the wave function from two possible states to one occurs based on statistical averages despite the conditions of the experiment being the same. that is, the future cannot be predicted from the past state of the world, and the past state of the world may even be in some way affected by the future state of the world. again, this is a dilletante explanation and doesn't really help with the free will problem since free will can't escape predictability through randomness. also there are some problems taking the micro to the macro unless the results are some how amplified. but yeah, there are plenty of other interesting sources of this information. you should look into it. there are lots of proofs and maths and physics and philosophies which make the problem a whole lot less clearcut even than it feels. 031017
dakota We can only control the choices inside OuRsELVeS. All else must be given up to the winds that will bear us carry us to the place we are ment to supposed to. . . be. . . 040221
cinzento must you be in control all the time? i'd rather not be sometimes, and other times i can't help it.
i control the wind.
white_wave being at blather means exercising control. there are so many new things and experiences and hormones flying. i've learned that these are just words that i can control, and there are some rooms that you don't need to enter. 040222
jay superfluous 040302
lou ok, so this is my theory on alcohol and how it affects personal control. so, lets say this week you're REALLY tired, BUT you have tons of stuff to do, so you control your sleepiness and keep it at bay with supreme effort. along comes some vodka, (or anything else to that effect), and WHAM!!! all of a sudden you're asleep! example number 2. say you've had a bad day. ok, week. ok ok, a really bad month then. so, not being the crying type, you just lock it all up and choke them back. again, along comes a mikes hard...and WHAM!! you're crying. yep. crying all over the poor kid that just happened to be there at the time...stupid alcohol. 040525
lou_la_belle ok, so this is my theory on alcohol and how it affects personal control. so, lets say this week you're REALLY tired, BUT you have tons of stuff to do, so you control your sleepiness and keep it at bay with supreme effort. along comes some vodka, (or anything else to that effect), and WHAM!!! all of a sudden you're asleep! example number 2. say you've had a bad day. ok, week. ok ok, a really bad month then. so, not being the crying type, you just lock it all up and choke them back. again, along comes a mikes hard...and WHAM!! you're crying. yep. crying all over the poor kid that just happened to be there at the time...stupid alcohol. 040525
pansy you want to be perfect
so your heart is wearing a tie
- perfect noose
your hands are tangled up by a rope
your eyes behind a black veil
now that you control
all your thoughts
and movements
it's not a jam session anymore - alas!
silentbob pedro_the_lion cd 040625
rock on dont eat
dont cry
dont speak
dont embarrass yourself
you are not cold
pain is temporary
dont let them in
it doesnt matter
you're being stupid
its not important
don't be weak
you dont need it
give nothing away

she doesnt sleep, lies alone cold in the dark trying not to think. but trying to control her mind does not work, and she lets herself in deeper, to where she is one.
and she cries and she cries and she cries and she cries, and she hates herself, for losing control, for being so fucked up, for not being true to herself, for trying to be something shes not, for not being able to escape the sound of herself in her head.

when the sun hits her empty eyes, she must be strong enough to get up.

and it all starts over again.
god it's hard to reign in a healous pelicant 041012
andru235 he who seeks to have great power
over others, day and week;
when left to himself dost cower
for without them he is weak

he who seeks to be controlled
by a domineering master,
finds no leader whom takes hold
thus becoming independent faster
Webley at which point in this progression through time are we in control?

as the process begins have we already made a choice? or is the choice manifesting itself in the moment?

not 'we' but 'it'

it's always here always now
Master X Ah, but I will take hold, as he will see soon enough. 051205
mockingbird I think I'm slowly gaining control of myself
taking it away from the boys I've fallen for (without their knowledge), harnessing sappy music in the middle of the night

emotions becoming more tangible, more manageable, at least the moment

moving away from him, pulling myself together, slowly
Cause privacy is my middle name
My last name is control
No, my first name ain’t baby,
It’s janet... ms. jackson if you’re nasty
Jackset_Jonnon Gimme a beat!
*backflips into the screen*
Lemon_Soda No control.

Only different levels of influence.
nesbitts_lime_soda I am under the influence. 071104
Johnette Jack-san now I'm all grown up 080627
hsg yourself and knowthing else 080817
In_Bloom Let me give it to you
For a spell anyway
Take and let me float free
The best free I've known
Best high I've known
Come on and take some
I get so tired holding it all the time
thes when I get depressed I teach myself things. Shit with my hands. Once I learned to play piano. Once I learned to pick locks. Do origami. Weld. Juggle. Juggle fire. Smoke a Pipe. Tie decorative knots. Thousands of those. Carve wood. Grow cacti. Cook. etcetera. Someone once called them that. etcetera. One day I realized that all of these skills/hobbies/etcetera were just a futile attempt to find something that I could control. A futile attempt to force something into balance. I laughed when I realized that. I built a boat. A beautiful 24 foot long wooden sailboat. Brite finished okume everywhere. Pure white dacron sails above. Built it with my hands, thinking that that gave me control of it. the water and wind had different ideas. I had to call my father to help me right it and pull it back to shore. Now I understand. What I need to understand is that when I think I have control of something is when I will be happiest letting it free. There is no control, I control nothing, and nothing controls me. And that's ok.

If only it was that easy.
hsg footbag 081231
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