bijou ear pressed against the wall. don't move. all i can hear is my heart. 010626
yummychuckle i fight my way through an argument by remaining motionless and staring at a fixed spot in front of me. If I don't say anything, nothing can be held against me. If I don't make any facial expression or movement, the person can't judge how I was feeling and use that against me.
So its best to remain motionless until you are 'allowed' to leave (when the other person wears themselves out from all that yelling). then you leave and do whatever the hell you want to get out the emotion.
that worked so well for me yesterday. ah the silent treatment. I plan on not talking to my father until noon on the 30th. maybe afternoon. depends on how I'm feeling.
I can SO manage that, I've done it for longer. Its just that, seeing as we are going on a trip together, it may be difficult to not say anything to him during the vacation (the 30th)
morphine. like cement. 021217
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