typhoid i finally, finally got the compiler working, and installed mysql. now i've got a good excuse to teach myself perl and cgi programming...
i've got all my computer problems under control now, but what of it? all of my friends seem to have disappeared... no matter how busy i make myself, loneliness is always distracting...
oh, and i also (finally) finished G. R.
The Schleiffen Man i can finally return to blather to start aggrandizing again (according to miniver =P )

i'm listening to double trouble by the_roots. props out to splinken for the reference,i might have to get that cd

so continue on blatherites, "flying high in the sky on a lyrical plane"
Freak Just when everything seems to be running great theres something that needs fixed. I know you have to hate always feeling like you have to fix why then do you have to bring on a situation that would need to be fixed. Then you wonder why I chain smoke and have scars that cover me from the inside out. 020605
clockwork no matter how you work to fix something it will always be broken in the sense that if it has had to be fixed it is damaged in an aspect non-linear time 031124
nomme) quention mark 050718
nomme) i don't know how an essss just became an ennnn 050718
IO1011 Today I fixed a woman's telephone, and another one told me about how she stayed away from the ooh-la-la people in her childhood in montreal 060814

it took you to make me realize:
it took you to make me realize:
it took you to make me realize:
it took you to make me see the light!

it seems that some of these days I don't know what else to do.
mt i wish. more than anything.

not for the cow to give us some milk
or even to go to the festival
but that i knew what was wrong
and how to fix it
or if it's just me
how to stop.
i don't know.
but i know that
you are amazing
and i, with no fight left,
will fight tooth and nail
and last bloody bone
if you will let me
to figure out
how to fix
what seems to have been

i just have to figure out
beer gear 110929
what's it to you?
who go