torch I saw a child today.

He was never afraid of anything he saw, because it was all beautiful.

He never flinched from anything he heard, because every sound was symphony.

He never wrinkled his nose at anything he smelled, because everything was a feast of scent.

He never recoiled from anything he touched, because everything was as silk.

And then I realized...

...that this was not merely a child, but an angel, crossing my path, and that my angel had stayed hidden too long. And I tried, from that moment on, to bee as that dear child was, to live with joy again.
camille 000209
apple ignorance is what makes a child so pure.
i wish that i could be so.
i wish that i could learn no more.
moonshine Public pool bathrooms smell like pollywogs and so do gutters. I collected colored glass and stuck my hands up gumball machines.. until the gumballs rolled down and out unto the grocery store floor. I had the biggest collection of My little ponies on the block. I swam like a fish. I climbed way to many trees and still do...jumped in murky puddles and whirlpooled rivers. single handedly caught toads. chased tailless squirrels. My rooom was painted yellow. and then pink , until i decided pink made my head hurt. yoddled on lidded trash cans. When plastic grocery bags made decent parachutes... 000602
For sure! it comes before parenthood! most times! it can even come at the SAME time! wow! that'd be......bad probably! 000712
miniatus childhood is life at its purest, no worries, no responsibilities; just dreams 000713
Wayne inside my head
you can't take it away
i smile too fast
miniver We used to drive down the old logging roads at night, slowly through swarms of fireflies.

We used to fly a great, thick, red and green and gold dragon kite from off the bridge, until one day it flew into the bay.

I once caught a wasp under a bucket by the sandbox in our backyard; ran as it chased me all the way through the open hallway, past our old guinea pig Natasha, to the locked back door; and screamed as it stung me on the thumb.
j_blue was a dream or a nightmare, i am glad i cant see most of it, and feel bad for those in its midst. 001010
Barrett I miss mine, but now I can buy any Star Wars toy I want. Yippie! 001010
startfires always people in the house smiling and eating and drinking. adults think kids don't understand or remember anything you say to them if they're younger than ten. i remember my dad would talk and i would sit behind him and lay my ear on his back and listen to the swarmy - washy sound of his voice through his chest and his ribs and his back bone. 001010
Oscar the odd puncture scar in my father's back from the stab wound he received in a fight as a young man.

as a child i always thought that it looked like an extra bellybutton in an awkward location

the bristly stubble on my grandfather's chin and his joking offer of jalapenos as candy knowing that i'd say "no"

The tile in my grandmother's kitchen, worn through to the concrete where her path was constant and the ever present scent of something sweet on the table or in the oven

my mother's surprise at seeing her seven year old comprehend some of the more obtuse humour of monty_python and mel_brooks
splinken nothing is unconditional.

i could say things. but they've been said before. and i don't feel particularly self-pitying today.

tra la.

poptarts? okay. and individually sliced velveeta cheese.
Ajuna I was 16 young and slim, not caring much about what every thing means, school was fun and friends. I was driving my first car DAD brought me, i stuffed my friends in my car, the tall chunky firends all packed in the back seat of my red sports car.

It was a hot summers day nothing on my mind, driving around the block aimlessly wasting fuel, listening to Garbag. The loud music pierced my ears drenching my body in the rethum i drive with the rage and fire of the songs my friends yell and laugh at stupid jokes in the back seats.

We arrived at Eugene's houssse the menson, i looked inside, found nothing out of the ordinary then i thought to my self what do i need to do today??, then it came to me, loud as a tunder cloud, but quiat as an lovers breath. NOTHING, nothing nothing ohhhhhhhh i need to do nothing and i can enjoy my self, i can.........

Then the darkness passed left me with my vage memories of my past and showing me the uncertain present, i yell NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, but no one answered me no one cared about my CHILDHOOD...
Aimee Childhood... a time that symbolizes life before I knew the horrors of the world. It symbolizes my innocense that I wasn't able to give away because it was taken from me. It reminds me of the time when curfew was when the streetlamps came on. Everyone in the neighborhood had to go home, and parents stood on the porch calling their children home. 010227
p. when I had not a care, when I had not a worry.

no deadlines, no due-dates, no rush, no hurry.

when the sun was enough, to light up my day.

when "hello" and "dad" was all I could say.

those simple days, now come and gone.

so why's childhood so short, and life so long?
rudhaen childhood is belief 010228
clarivocal I want to be a child
But I don't
When I was a child, life was easy
And it was the most difficult time I have ever faced
Take your children and help them
Leave your children to solve their own problems
Help them
Laura I was just perusing my memories of childhood,
punches, slingshots, laughter, pain.
I was remembering,
going through each memory like coming upon snapshots not seen for years,
abandonment, betrayal, fighting, names.
I was crying rivers thinking of the exact second I realized that I could rely on only myself.
Those moments were the end of my innocence, the end of my childhood, the begining of struggles that someone so young should not be faced with.
The end of my pure world and the start of my suffering.
xiphoid jo you are a great friend, wish you were here with me. my life, my past recreated too. joy and laughter. may childhood forever be with us.
esther too
ClairE Thank_God life is not like what it was then. I clung to that belief as a child.

I always felt too old, my head about to burst.
little wonder playing kiss and kill...
getting in trouble for playing kiss and kill...(we were 8)
playing vampires in place of kiss and kill, sucking on necks instead of kissing...(oi)
wearing red lipstick and having one of the nuns tell us that there was new bubblegum coming out that turns your lips pink...all the while not getting mad about the red lipstick...
wearing red lipstick and having one of the boys tell you that you look like a hooker...
taking that as a compliment...

i miss mine.
Syrope yesterday mom asked me to get out some cheese from the refrigerator, and all of a sudden I had this vivid memory of a time I had forgotten all about...I was about 8, mom wouldn't let me use a knife, and all we didnt have any sliced cheese. I wanted a piece, so I got out the block of cheese. Mom was on the phone, so I tried to hand her the cheese and a knife, but she pushed me away. I nibbled all the way around the huge block of cheese - you know how a rectangular prism has 6 edges ...well this cheese had nibbled edges. So funny. She threw away the cheese and yelled at me but I was like, well, next time I guess you'll cut it for me. *lol* 020309
good people i used to be in advanced math. i used to never fail anything. i was in a gifted and talented program.

now i am a sophomore in highschool. i failed algebra twice. i ditch class to start fires and smoke pot. teachers hate me. i vandalize and steal. fuck yeah.
reitoei not exactly the best time of my life.
a child never stops asking why. it always wonders about the environment, it hasnt quite been brainwashed by society yet. einstein always said to be a child
phil you die a number of times
I used to get hurt from having too much fun
what does it mean to be
it means to sleep
to outlive is like to sue, it is like to slide, it is like to be, it is like to die, it is like to die a stage at a time, a stage at a time, a stage at a time, lost a stage at a time, dying under death die death slowly dieing pain death death dumb death stupid die ignorant fuck you stupid die dumb fuck die fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
Hairthief When I was a child I used to have a favorite pebble. I used to carry it everywhere with me. It was polished and shiny. During breaks at infants school I would kick the pebble around the playground. One day the school bully pushed me over and stole the pebble. I sat on the ground looking very sorry for myself. Then out of the corner of my eye, one of the other kids had confronted the bully and demanded the return of my pebble to me. They got in a fight and my pebble was dropped. I picked it up and went on my way. To this day I don't remember who the boy defending my pebble was, but I thank him. 030205
nomatter ignorance_is_bliss
I remember when i was so young and naive that I thought I had such a happy nice little family. My mommy and daddy had wonderful mommys and daddys of their own and everything was so nice.
I hate knowing the truth.
charlie no one's is as great as they remember. i don't miss innocence so much. maybe i'm a masochist. maybe i'm still pretty innocent. you don't know you had it until you lose it.

maybe i'm still pretty innocent
maybe i'm still pretty
i'm still
i'm pretty
maybe no
magicforest ohmygod 031202
Smurf "Ignorance is that which makes the child so pure"

Or lack therof, one who lives without fear is always called a fool by those who live with fear.

Fear overrides all other emotions
sahba mine sucked
id write more then it would take up a few pages
emmi the past of childhood isn't a past. it lives on...inside, i'm still six years old and scared to death. 040624
x twisted x as much as you try to pretend, youve grown up, you can never leave it behind. the memories, the people, the stupid shit you did together...its all made you who you are today. id be nothing with it...and there would be no tomorrow if none of it had happened. its the beginning, the present and the future. i wish i could go back--not to change it, but to live in those moments forever... 040705
nonlucid I wish I remembered my childhood 040705
Tenra mere memories of bruises and defeats, of stolen hopes and vanished treats.
Of days measured only by the pain,
Of despereate losses and no hope of gain.

childhood but a distant memory of abuse,
what happens when monsters are set loose.
no sunlight and no happy days,
memories of pain that will never fade.
what's it to you?
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