Stuffy Fluff when were stuffed is no matter i dunno why im even on this thing im at school i just found it by typing abcd etc on the google site anyway wen were stuffed we cant really help it im adopted but i could be worse i could be gay my parents are chinese but im spanish i live in america with my uncle sabena. my mum used to be a nazi 041110
from now on taxidermic teddy bears and turkeys 041110
mustard sitting on the front porch with you
i understand that words are coming out of your mouth
that they are intended to communicate to me things that are important to you
but all i can think about is how
i want to fill your mouth with pizza
and mine too
so we don't have to communicate important things
and we can feel something different
and live in a place without words
without porches
what's it to you?
who go