power through passion I shudder at all this word represents
A thousand images flood the mind
it should break you down to tears
at the mere sight of the word
if it does not
may I suggest some time in a library?
Barrett Or viewing "Apt Pupil" or "American History X." 000930
unhinged hilter idolized wagner. he played the last act of the last opera in wagner's ring cycle right before he killed himself or so i'm told. we were playing a program that included wagner's rienzi overture, ernst bloch's suite hebraique and brahms' second symphony but when we played the program in a jewish temple we replaced the wagner with some glinka. no one in the youth orchestra realized that it might be rude to go into a jewish temple and play music written by one of the worst anti-semites in history. 010131
MercynRe "white lies" a movie about a white supremacy movement... my band did a cover once of a sarah mchlachlan song from that movie with no notice for the benefit of a group of 15-yr-old skinhead wanna-be's. Things get taken out of context and distorted. "White Pride" DOES NOT equal white supremacy, nor am I a member of the KKK because i have an uncommon haircut. My band wasn't pro-nazi because we went by the name "The Hitler Nine"; it had religous connotations to it, and we have a song called "Sweetheart With a Nazi Mind" that was about a psychotic ex-boyfriend of mine who was a neo-nazi. And no, it didn't portray racism in a favorable light. The song basically said that he was a paranoid psychotic prick, but again, things taken out of context and we were labeled a white supremacy band for a short while. We changed our name to Narcissistic Nihilist and still most people don't get it. I hate being white and oppressed. And no, I don't think that whites are the only oppressed people in the world. We're just the only ones who aren't allowed to say we are. Society is restrictive in more ways than you know. 010427
unhinged reverse discrimnation does exist in this world and just because someone is prejuidice against you doesn't give you the right to be prejuidice too 010927
James T. McRae society is restrictive for a reason:
Laws govern the way we live our lives, they exist for the purpose of CONTROL.
If there was no control, there would be chaos. Hitler destroyed opposition so that there was no one to control him. His word. Was the control.
beren damn blather fascists, shutting down my escape routes. 030731
fall of a sparrow The Nazi's had pieces of flair...that they made the Jews wear.
-Office Space
the international campaign for the enrichment of m A sensible alternative to all these heated modernisms is right in front of you. Vote_marmaduke ! 030731
fall of a sparrow Excuse me while I commit seppuku for that apostrophe. 030731
sadfg f 031028
u24 unhinged: yes yes and yes. spot on. 031028
misstree last week at the club, started talking to a strange spirit, we were drawn by scent before we even entered... he was new to my kingdom, and he played properly and i caught a hint that he may know the Energy of dancing by a different name, so i resolved to pick his brain after a few songs... first question i asked him was if he had any particular religious affiliation, and he looked at me strangely and said yes.. i asked him what that might be, if he didn't mind me asking, and he said he was a nazi... he then said, "please don't get up and leave," as if he had read my mind, my first instinct was to walk away from the table and not look back... but him asking me not to leave jarred me, made me realize that there is *no* circumstance under which i should refuse to allow someone to explain their viewpoint... i asked him what naziism (bsc? a little help?) meant to him, and he said that he primarily followed goebbels... and he said that first off, he wanted me to know that goebbels had saved a couple of million people, by having them sent out of germany rather than killed... a few tangents later i asked him again what it meant to him, and he said that it was following what g. said to do and not doing what g. said not to do, and anything in the middle was left up to the person...

over the course of the night i realized that this was a quite strange bird i was talking to, a little touched in the head, and you must understand that i only vacation in the land of notstrange, i'm talking about crossed wires in his interaction with reality... he was an admirable pacifist, and interesting person with very neat fashion sense... i will explore his brain further, if given the chance, though something tells me to be very very careful with it...

so that's my story of the crazy nazi... thanks...
Drake Dracoli Irrelevant. Expendable. Solvable. 040316
bluten i don't want to be white trash anymore. nobody does. and especially not white nazi trash. my great grandfather was a nazi. or wanted to be. he was blind in one eye, they told him no. he was one of their defectives, one of the defectives that they killed during the tiergarten vier aktion plan. then my daddy grew up a nazi-hater. sprayed "nazi pigs!" on countless doors. he was a vigilante. i want to be a vigilante too. because if the world wants to overcompensate for what nazis did in the past by calling me a nazi now, i will overcompensate too. the fact that i'm german makes it more important that i oppose der fuehrer, not less. i don't want to be a nazi, i'm not a nazi. but i still have the label. they're damn near impossible to get rid of.
even as a vigilante.
skinheadpride don`t mix ups skinheads and naziskins ( or boneheads, as you want)
I HATE EVERY FUCKING bonehead, they are ruining, our image... the skinhead attitude.
skins are against racism. i hate racism. i hate nqazis, and i hate neo-nazis.
I hate capitalism.
and i hate democracy.
I hate bureaucracy laws.
i fucking hate hip hop.
I love NYHC.
I love Oi! music.
I love bad manners.
I love myself...
I hate nazis.

cheers n oi
hitler guided by america 120401
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