typhoid more than just one, in fact.
and i now have a natty knot of hair larger than a small rat.
my hair is shorter but still somewhat longer than is standard for a boy. i've had a couple of remarks as too it's simmilarity to a beatle's haircut already.
the bleached ends are long gone and with them any chance of color. but they were what knotted up so much.
what a pity. i've still got a bunch of red and blue dye.
grendel wearing the opposite of a mullet

my hair is long on top
and buzzed close along the sides and back, if i use the same formula i used to use for liberty_spikes back when i was a kid, i could make my hair into an impressive spire, like my own personal tower of babel, scraping the heavens above
MollyGoLightly inverted mullet!

oh unholy grendel! what hast thou unleashed upon us?
grendel the world's tallest liberty spike, perhaps. 000806
birdmad of course i'd never get away with that at the office, so i just play it conservative and keep it in a loose ponytail 000806
splinken my new hairdo looks like a rock star and a five-year-old child collided. tell the patron saint of down-on-their-luck, randy emo boys that his goddess is much pleased. 000915
Tank i always know when it is time for me to shave my head again, because the kids on my block get all happy and say, "i'm so glad you growing your hair tank. you look better." within two days of one of them saying that, i hole myself up in the bathroom with my clippers and get to a buzzing... 000915
MollyCule It was like every time I’d see her she’d have a different haircut. It wasn’t like I’d go that long without seeing her either8 or 9 days and then we’d run into each other at some bar or some show or maybe just mike’s burger’s eating cheesesticks and playing scrabble. She’d walk in late, skinny, boots adding a few inches but still short, and her hair would be different. Shorter or shaggier or whatever, different, and I’d say, “you get a haircut?” And she’d look at me and ruffle her hand across her head like she needed o feel it and confirm it to herself first, like she’d forgotten already, and she’d say yes. She’d say that she did it herself, in her bathroom, last night or a few nights ago, just because she was bored and she needed a change, and she was maybe thinking about getting a tattoo but she couldn’t really afford it, so she just cut her hair. I watched her hair go from halfway down her back to just above her shoulders. Right around the point where it reached her armpits was when I realized that she wasn’t going to miss me at all when I left.

the first paragraph of a short story i'm writing. am i off to a good start?
birdmad good deal, i'd read it. 010610
love plus one 100 010610
MollyCule If anyone cares, some more of the above story is now up on my site at
Toxic_Kisses I got a haircut today, the lady cutting my hair said I looked like Kelly Bundy when she waz done, I think she must of been looking for a big tip, she probably would of gotten one too if she’d done my hair the way I’d asked her to, I said I wanted a U in the back, Like the letter U does a straight line look anything like a U? *Sigh* oh well. 011010
Effingham Fish I never did get that done. Ah, well. 011030
sheryl I once had a couple dreadlocks

it was the hip thing to do in college

well hip if you were a hippy
"Ancient Pagan" Imagine if style was like this: 1. everyone was usually deep-tanned & naked 2. ALL body hair, including eyebrows was eradicated with high-tech methods 3. when clothes were required they were always tight-fitting & sleek 4. we explore the universe in translucent hyper-space, thought-resonsive bubbles this another dimension, another universe or the distant future? Certainly, the nudity-taboo is the result of backwards, fear-cultivated thinking. To another culture with another paradigm this may be factual & unremarkable!

What does this have to do with a haircut? I know: full-body shaves are abstractly parallel to haircuts!
Daria My dream world. 020520
Toxic_Kisses W/o bras we'd all ahve saggy boobs and w/o clothes we'd all have skin cancer from the sun, and any way I don't want to be tan *Wrinkles her nose*


I cut my own hair (mom did the back) and my Greatgrandmother w/o knowing any of this gushed about how she loved my hair cut, I couldent help but glow yet I know if she had known -who- had cut my hair she would of never said that *L*
Daria Fine, ruin my dream. 020606
margaux 6 inches!

crazy man
birdmad i have not cut it since november when the last of the red dye washed out

i wear it tied back except for a loose, odd lendth section on the back/left side of my which i have been wearing in a pair of braids

i'll see how long i can keep it growing before i get tired of it and chop it down as short as it was last summer
god they say that people in austrailia have hair. 021009
sc Voices cry,
Heard some
Massacre ruthless
Falling floating.
Locks broken,
Darkened souls
Shortened hair,
Money paid,
Straight hairdresser.
Odd’, I say.
Railroad Ricky To remonstrate or not to remonstrate! 050330
nom i think i'll cut my hair again 061108
The Waifs This is more than a haircut I'm wearing on my head
I thought I'd dye it red but got it cut instead
And maybe I could send you my long blond locks
Cause you were always after something baby
Something I'm not

See I'm darker underneath, I'm darker by far
I'm dark as hellyou know who you are

My eyes, I always, I wished they where green
My skin is so damn brown but the sun, it don't see
And fingernails I could've stuck them on
The hair on my lip I should've waxed it off

Yeah I know my lips could do with a little more pout
The mole on my chin I can do with out
And my cheekbones, they never sat real high
I'll get some bone put in, they can take it from
My thighs

I'm darker underneath, I'm darker by far
I'm as dark as hell - you know who you are

So now when I make love I make love to myself
I got no disease so it's good for my health
I got my hands in my pantsdown my calvin kleins
I don't need you no more baby, I can come every time

I'm darker underneath, I'm darker by far
I'm as dark as hellyou know who you are

Don't you ever show your face here again
To me or any of my friends
'Cause I'm glad I found out what you're all about
When I finally fell down off my cloud

Cause baby when you ran away
You broke my heart
You kept my Kerouac books and that old guitar
And I am darker underneath, I'm darker by far
I'm as dark as all hell, you know what you are
I don't need to tell you, you know what you are
I don't need to tell you, you know what you are
I don't need to tell you - I don't need to tell you, no
You know what you are

This is more than a haircut I'm wearing on my head
I thought I'd dye it red but got it cut instead.

epitome of incomprehensibility Next Friday I will have less hair! Apparently this is exciting.

But it works out because there's this Cancer Relay for Life at the university, so instead of paying for a hair dresser to cut ten inches and throw it away, the hair will go to make part of a wig and the money to cancer research (unless it helps pay for the room booking or something, but anyway).

(Which leads me to think that selfish wishes can also be altruistic and altruism often includes selfishness. But that's hardly a new thought - probably basic psychology.)
e_o_i Maybe I should ask to have it all shaved off. That would be MORE exciting. 121013
keeping it surreal? ...let's not go entirely hairless! Re post above. And a novel in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, I think. It would be frightening if people walked around without eyebrows. (Only if they walked around. If they sat down it would be OK.)


Please, mind, let me stop posting nonsense. Thank you.
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