splash of orange our foundation
is made of quicksand
*nat* where my old conservatory used to lie, sts the foundations and brickwork of a new 1 020908
mornckton group shrugs all around 020916
jane and once that collapses
we're out of a job
Doar foundation of sand filled hour glasses. 040729
andru235 "Deep underground stones had been carved and fitted; passages opened in the natural rock.

" ``These symbols are quite unusual,`` said one. ``They seem to be primitive signs ...``

" ``Do you know what signs?`` I asked him.

" ``Oh, you know ... wind and water, hills and planets.``

"It was surprising that he could identify any of the symbols, but I was relieved that he couldn't read them correctly.* "

--not "c.m."

* or so I thought.
phil quicksand would be a good foundation, for the right kind of structure. 051216
andru235 very interesting, phil. very interesting indeed! 051216
buttercup are you there? why do you build me up?... buttercup?... 051216
amy nada upon the Tree of Life, this is where I work the most. I'm in a negative phase, still within Foundation, likely to last for several years. I seem to wish i were way up at Wisdom, though. 090729
In_Bloom What I offer:
My trust
My respect
My belief
My open heart
The safety of my body
The willingness to learn you
what's it to you?
who go