Scorched GanderSnout it is always a pleasant 58 degrees down here
and though the sun strives to penetrate into these depths
it seldom succeeds without some help
from trowel, pig snout, cleat heal
or quake
typhoid oh, won't you keep us working,
working working working,
working working working,
working down below...
marjorie there are tunnels beneath portland
people used to fall through trap doors into these tunnels
they would be held there for days, sometimes weeks before being forced to work on ships at sea.
they had no choice. they had their lives destroyed.
in the underground tunnels.
neville velvet or otherwise I'll go there
alone and ready for what I don't know//
You don't need to know all this.
it's extraneous, as is your highly tilted nose. No snob.
And now, a moment to myself.
miniver "Oh, gentlemen, do you know, perhaps I consider myself an intelligent man only because all my life I have been able neither to begin nor to finish anything. Granted I am a babbler, a harmless, vexatious babbler, like all of us. But what is to be done if the direct and sole vocation of every intelligent man is babbling -- that is, the intentional pouring of water through a sieve?

Oh, if I had done nothing simply from laziness! Heavens, how I should have respected myself then!"
grendel the roaches on the floor of the cave where the bats dwell...

if one bat falls from its perch while asleep...

he becomes a snack for the ravening swarm that keeps his house clean
tourist Grendel my man,read scawlled on some blathering wall that you lived in a cave, and I couldn'thelp but wonder if it was the natural sort, or one of your own construction. I've thought about underground dwelling before, and even done a little speluking. I am really a mite envious of anyone who has achived it. 001031
grendel it's my own perverse metaphor for my little apartment compartment 001031
tourist Oh. I use the same description for the building I work in, because of the climate control and the lack of natural lighting. But I used to think about either building an earth sheltered home, or even building directly over the mouth of a cave system so my basement could run for miles. just exploring would keep me occupied for years. And you could draw air up out of the cave for constant cooling, or heating in the winter. 001101
starlette can't we go back...
to the underground?
too much attention
too many cops
too many drugs...

let's go back
PinkSnowStorm To my mom and I, and to a lot of parents and children, means going into hiding under aliases because the other parent was abusing the child or both the child and parent and no one in the legal system would help them.

Well, not to us anymore.
Underground means a life of fear.
silentbob show me the moshpit 010209
andie yeah, right 011001
einstein under ground is more ground 011001
spooky fish there is water
at the bottom of the ocean

under the water
to carry the water

in-sanity take me down ...
6 underground
the ground beneath ..

where we will all end up, one day. dead, surrounded by wood, our bodies rotting into mere nothingness, except, for a memory.
grim teat I am a sick man... I am a spiteful man... 021011
Princess Lola it's when i'm covered in dirt and suchens... but better when it's subatomic. subatomic_underground 030711
amillio ...i'd like to live beneath the dirt 060103
unhinged 'although it appears, as i write this book (2015), that political ferment is dormant in the united states, this is incorrect. revolutions, when they erupt, are to the wider public sudden and unexpected, because the real work of revolutionary ferment and consciousness is, as beckman observed, invisible. revolutions expose their face only after revolutionary ferment has largely been completed.

throughout history, those who have sought radical change have always had to begin by discrediting the ideas used to prop up ruling elites and constructing alternative ideas and language. once ideas shift for a large portion of a population, once the vision of a new society grips the popular imagination, once the old vocabulary no longer holds currency, the power elite is finished, although outwardly it may appear that nothing has changed. but this process is difficult to see and often takes years. those in power are completely unaware (the clintons, den party establishment) that the shift is taking place. they will speak, like all dying elites, in the old language until they finally become figures of ridicule.

in the united states today, no person or movement can program the ignition of this tinder. no one knows where or when the eruption will take place. no one knows what form it will take. but a popular revolt is coming. the refusal by the corporate state to address even the minimal grievances of the citizenry, its abject failure to remedy the mounting state repression, the chronic unemployment and underemployment and the massive debt peonage that is crippling millions of americans, and the widespread despair and loss of hope, along with the collapse of institutions meant to carry piecemeal and incremental reforms, including the courts, make blowback inevitable.' - chris hedges
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