Strideo welcome to pleasant hill
Mandijabster Jilly Billy: janny wanny i apologize for offending you, but suede and pink floyd truly are more pleasing to the ears than your giggling, and i say that with all possible respect for your giggling. 031007
minnesota_chris If our little suburb has two main streets, and one of them is Pleasant Street, I think the other one should be named Unpleasant Street. And you could be really unpleasant on that street.

The kids could sell cups of antifreeze instead of lemonade.

"Hey, where's that burning tire smell coming from?" "Uh, I think from Unpleasant Street..."
minnesota_chris I think on Unpleasant Street they'd have to stop naming their kids Tyler and Brittany and go with more fun names like Morgoth or Loki. 040508
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