deb little kids are too much fun..
the way they think the smallest things
are cool
and how when they pay for something with
their very own money,
how it's more special than ever...
a little boy bought baseball cards tonight
and he jumped and made a little sound when i handed them back to him...

it wasn't so long ago that it was me
peering over that counter
waiting for the cashier to make me feel
andrea this movie left me sick and speechless
and severely nauseated at the realities that were presented

copyright 2000
allie Harmony Korine is a genius. But that movie had too much cussing.. 000118
neville Hey, fellow college-kid-friend!!
Isn't it great that we all blather?
Inside Joke!
Pithy quote!
MollyGoLightly fuck that. 000711
Chrity go to:
Casey It was an insightful and eye opening movie. And it wasn't all that bad. But still. How can that little shit Tully get away with that crap, I really wanted to kick his ass at the end. 020220
silentbob i don't like watching this movie. it makes my stomach hurt. MY stomach. can you believe it? i dont think its a bad movie in the tradition of shitty movies. But i don't think its GOOD in the tradition of realistic movies. it's like... a porno without as much graphic nudity. it reminds me of hanging out with actual fucked up people like it. i hate it. i hate it i hate it i hate it.

just because its realistic doesnt make it good.

"You won't get pregnant. You know why? Cuz you're beautiful. and i like ya."
... Committee on U.S. Interests in the Middle East
From Disinfopedia, the encyclopedia of propaganda.

(April 1992) At a recent news conference in Washington, members of the newly-formed Committee on U.S. Interests in the Middle East criticized President Bush's policy of pressuring Israel for territorial concessions and called for a U.S. Middle East policy more appreciative of Israel's value as an ally and fellow democracy.[1]

February 26, 1992


The Committee on US Interests in the Middle East runs a full-page ad in the New York Times. The ad says: "We advocate support for a US policy toward Israel that would—in contrast to current American policy—reflect the traditional, strong American support for the legitimacy, security and general well-being of the Jewish State: a proven, valuable, democratic friend and ally of the United States." The ad opposes any US pressure on Israel to make territorial concessions. Among the signers are Tony Coelho, Leonard Garment, John Lehman, Jr., Elliot Abrams, Linda Chavez, Frank Gaffney Jr., Richard Perle and Eugene Rostow. (NYT 2-26092) [2]

"Douglas Feith, former National Security Council staff Middle East expert and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, in explaining the Committee's background, said that "we wanted to put together a group of people who have some grounding, experience, and credentials in helping determine what is in the U.S. national interest, and who will say, ‘Mr. President, we don't agree that the current policy of antagonism toward Israel is in the U.S. national interest.'"[3]
for love take time and energy
cause aggravation and joy
make me happy and sad
but mostly love
love is what they bring
and you must bring all
they just bring love
but love is all
so all is equal
imaskitzo I miss doing those fun kid things I used to do when I was younger... like making a tent with chairs and blankets... or eating candy until I get sick.. oh wait, I still do the last one 040323
emmi there were these kids on the bus the other day singing "the wheels on the bus go round and round..."
i really wanted to join in but as a grownup all i could do was smile as if i was above that sort of thing
amy the "prospective" ones that i've become so familiar with seem to have flown the coop. you know those kids that are thinking of coming into your life and they sort of take you over with what they need from you. pre-conception, even. i think i've known about 10 pre-conception children. they will make you a little paranoid, and I don't reccomend it.

my brother and his wife are truly expecting another in February. I think I kind of know her (I think its a girl) a little. She's not too much like Noah (her brother), but will be Venus retrograde, too. maybe Venus Rx means you're not very nice? little Noah has a bit of a mean streak, i think. and I know that I do. I don't get the feeling that this little girl plans on being nice. I seriously don't know any other Venus Rx personally, but that's not saying much because I don't know all that many people! I'll let you know in about a week if I'm right or wrong about girl or boy.
unhinged venus was the goddess of love but the flipside of that is she would do anything to get it. she had her little minion, cupid, that went around wounding people for her. but then again, none of the greek/roman gods were really that nice.

aquarius (most of february) are not mean so much as they are space cadets. so they can come across as callous and uncaring because they are too busy floating in the clouds. but my sister and my brother both have significant others that are aquari and i think they are both some of the nicest people in the world, mostly in part because they are perfect partners for my siblings.

the antidote to any emotional affliction is the opposite.

i've been hanging out a lot with little bridget at work in my downtime. yesterday we read a book together. sometimes i really like hanging out with kids. my strict no kids policy seems to be softening. i'm trying to convince myself it's just the hormones. but i think with the right man, i would make an army of little ones.
amy I'm not saying all Aquarians are mean... it's that Venus Retrograde that I'm wondering about. the baby is due Feb 18, and Venus goes retrograde about a month later. I think the baby will be a Pisces, or a very sports-minded Aquarius. my brother likes to pretend everything is peachy even when people are sick, or he's missed a million birthdays or what have you, so i think a Pisces is in line.

i have a natal Venus retrograde -- i understand about transiting Venus retrograde (see: spiral, descent) but have a hard time grasping what it means to have it as part of my birthchart. cupid's not out to get me all that many friends or lovers? yay! why would i chose to have it, or why would i deserve such a thing? can i fix it? all those long, tiresome questions. so, Noah was born last Venus retrogade, and this one will be in the pre-retrograde shadow. as an aunt, all i really have to do is watch and talk and play with the kids at holidays. but i can't help but wonder what it will reveal about this mystery in my own self. what's the English word or preposition or modifier or something that describes Venus Rx? it just bugs me, is all. or maybe it's my big old karma, who knows.

i can see you having 3-4 kids, unhinged. but, you know, the economy and global warming and all that. so you might be better off with 1 or 2.
no reason aquarius is said to be the friendliest sign in the zodiac
(not that that has much to do with kids)
amy like i knew already, the newest baby is a girl. 081005
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